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By Anonymous
Hell, absolute hell.
By Anonymous
After defeating him and spending some time in the research hall I came back to the chamber and there wasn't an option to talk to him, the item was already there, and when I took it, the light was still there and I was able to get a second moonlight sword, is this normal?
By Anonymous
Did you walk all the way back to his boss arena from the research hall or did you use a Hunter's Mark? Because if you walked all the way you accidentally triggered a dupe glitch which lets you duplicate a dropped item if you walk to another area and go back to the area where the item dropped.
By Anonymous
I made a huge mistake progressing to NG+. Even at lvl 127, this *****er is destroying me. I just can't "bring the fight to him"!
By Anonymous
Bring in vaaltr, he'll be your guiding moonlight.
By Anonymous
Lirik #neverforget
By Anonymous
You do a great ob of always pointing out their Weaknesses? But what about the type of Resist good for their fights? For example? I can only assume Ludwig attacks would be Arcane??? Only because of the Moonlight Sword? I assume Arcane?. I've found that wearing the proper Resist gear really does make a difference? Sure as hell don't hurt ;-)

By Anonymous
Easiest boss so far
By Anonymous
McSuck my ***.
By Anonymous
I know some people have less trouble with bosses than others, but you know that is just a damn lie.
By Anonymous
If someone needs help, I would be happy to give a hand. PS ID WarriorGS15
By Anonymous
heyhey, could i take you up on that?
defiled chalice password 8008135
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By Zethras
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I swear to god, this *****er gave me the hardest time, more than every other bosses in the whole game...Lady Maria and Ebrietas were a piece of cake, in comparison. Maybe was just an impression, but I had the feeling his attacks were nearly undodgeable, no matter how hard I tried. Anyway, as for the Blasting Zone attack...I dunno if it's just a coincidence, but he always and only performed it when I staggered him, wether I landed a visceral or not
By Anonymous
I'm having aggravating flashbacks to how Artorias was completely untouchable unless you'd specced a very specific kind of character. I'm on about twenty tries at Ludwig by now and never once have I gotten him past 75%. It's not even a matter of doing damage, it's just almost all his attacks always hit regardless of when i try to dodge and armor in this game doesn't matter. Like, I know, 'git gud' and all but so far this whole inane fight is a great example of how Bloodborne's boss design is "Kill yourself it'll be more enjoyable" or "Sleep through this."
By Anonymous
40, and the only difference is that now he hits 50% before the insta-kill happens.
By Anonymous
Got him at 42. It's mostly luck; the above strategies only work if you're willing to try and out-hyper-aggressive him.
By Anonymous
Even if they're both very good dlc the difference between the old hunters and the ringed city is that hoonters brought long bosses wich i hoped to be longer (mainly for the soundtrack, looking at you ludwig) while the ringed city was just me hoping bossfight would end as sooner as possible
By Anonymous
Slave Knight Gael is mechanically in the top three soulborne series boss fights, and the music that accompanies it fits the phases perfectly and is one of the best tracks From Software has ever produced.
By Anonymous
Agreed, I think that if you exlude Orphan of Kos and Ludwig, Slave Knight Gael is my favorite fight in the entirety of the Souls series. The soundtrack and its transitions are flawless and the flow of the fight is unrivaled, no boss fight has felt as fluid to me as Gael.
By Anonymous
Gael was alright, but tbh I felt like most of his fight was "dodge backwards, bait such-and-such attack, hit him once, dodge backwards, bait such-and-such attack, hit him once, etc., etc...." It dragged on and on. At least he looked cool, and the music was awesome, but it got kind of boring after a few minutes. Ludwig was much more "fluid." He doesn't pull punches, and he attacks in a blur of motion. He has way more attacks than Gael, to boot. I'm always on my toes when I fight Ludwig, but Gael puts me in a stupor with his lumbering sword swings and lazy AoE's. Definitely still a great boss fight, but not better than Ludwig. Midir, on the other hand... HOO MAMA PASTA WHAT A SPEECY-SPICY MEAT-A-BALL
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