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Though it won't be so bad, as long as you have everything received before endgame, the difficulty however, will continue if you progress with more new game plus....I think. I don't know if they remain in the same percentage of each newgame+, cause there'll be times when I can never tell the difference. The small percentages later in the game are at least more forgiving while progressing though.
And the better part is, you get more blood echoes, the more you keep going through newgame+s.
**** you
if i get the true ending on my fist time then play NG+ does that mean if i kill old man again i will get the ture ending again or would have to get the cords again??
You would have to get them again for childhood ending
I have finished the game three times and i am playing on the fourth what ng+ am i ??
NG+++ since the original playthrough is NG and the second playthrough is NG+
Do the Damage and health increases for foes keep increasing with every NG+? I'm on NG+7 and I can't help but to feel there is no difference between NG+2 and NG+7.
I need someone to confirm this, because if true, I need to get into another plus for grinding purposes - I am way too bad at this game to handle NG+ DLC without over leveling.


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The only significant increase in difficulty is moving from NG to NG+. After that you've pretty much played what the game has to offer unless you want bragging rights or something to do. NG+ and later only slightly increases the difficulty by a pinch. It's noticeable but not a big deal. It's just the same system as Demon's Souls and Dark Souls.
Why is every fckin boss strong against arcane, i just wanna play with my burial blade
The burial blade deals little to no arcane damage I think your skill stat isn't high enough or don't have optimal blood gems I personally use the wheel and moonlight sword and I do fine
the burial blade is a skill weapon it arcane does little to nothing with it
The wet nurse is weak agenst arcane
As of 2016/2017 is there any possible way to change your character facial appearance to a saved favorite While In Mid Game Without Starting a New?
I have missed the Blood Rock in the NG. So thats it for me? The only was to gain +10 lvl is to buy with Insight or finish the game again?
or buy the DLC
If you are like me that used none of insight through the entire game, you can buy it and still have a decent amount of insight. I bought it with the number that already had, no need to use Madman's knowledge items, and yes it is possible
You can also find blood rocks in depth 5 root chalice dungeons, if you're lucky.


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You can farm insight in the chalice dungeons for it if you have to
DON'T FIGHT GEHRMAN IF YOU'RE PLANNING ON DOING THE DLC. I *****ed up immeasurably and started NG+ before doing the DLC, and it's too goddamn hard. It's doable, but not enjoyable, because you're sweating and holding your breath and wishing you could carry 50 vials and bullets and god *****ING DAMMIT
That's what happened on my end. I finished the game then started doing the DLC a year after. Man it was too hard in the beginning. Getting used to the controls and the PvE mechanics again. Now all I have to do in the DLC is to beat the last boss, Orphan, which I've been doing for like more than 20 times already. Damn.
I just did the same thing :/ i wish i could turn back time
I did it on ng+2 so
ikr that moment that i get massive adrealine and if i won i'm totally tired for some reason
i believe this is what the young generation call, getting rekt


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I did the same thing on Dark Souls. It wan't that bad but kalameet was a b****
Start a fresh new game. You will be owning all those Yharmanites.
How do you in what NG+ you are? I dont know if I'm in NG+4 or NG+5
Git gud