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Can they be summoned more than once to help you with a boss if for example you out they die fighting boss?
Yes, they can be summoned multiple times.
They can be summoned equuvalent to your number of insight
They can be summoned if you die as long as you have insight. The summon signs disappear after you kill a boss.
*or they
Are some hostile to you if you're apart of a group like the vilebloods?
No, but sometimes you can't summon them, depending on your faction.
Some NPC hunters can only be summoned with the correct rune equipped. None of them can be hostile when summoned otherwise.
is it possible to summon multiple of them for the same boss fight ?
Yes, for example Henryk and Younger Madras twin for the Shadow of Yharnam fight. But sometimes they are mutually exclusive, like the lanterns on the second story of the lakeside house, right before you have audience with Rom.
It's worth noting that Damien seems to rarely actually attack with his threaded cane, instead spamming various arcane hunter tools. I've seen him use Augur, Call Beyond, Choir Bell, and he seems to especially love Blacksky Eye.
and he's especially great because of that. all the other npcs i ever summoned never survived a fight. i got good solo strategies for most bosses, but some are annoying.
i summoned Damian the 1st time for Ebrietas with my new character, because i thought "sure, let's see how long you live against the best tracker-boss in the game" and he was awesome. always drawing aggro at the right time and as far as i can tell he didn't get hit.
so naturally i summoned him for Ebrietas in the Isz Chalice as well, and we beat her in 1 try. me being level 60. of course i beat her loads of times before. but a 1 try against Ebrietas is still impressive.
He's amazing for the Ebrietas fight when he actually decides to walk through the fog gate. Not quite as good for Rom but definitely better than say Henryk.
He's the best NPC for Rom by far. However, he almost never actually enters the Ebrietas boss arena for me. His entry is delayed during the Rom fight every time but for some reason he gets stupid when he sees the fog wall for Ebrietas


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There are instances that I have been able to summon : Henryk & Madra Twin together during fight with ROM in NG mode. Also I was able to Summon Madras Twin & Valtr for fight with Ludwig, The Old Hunter.
Does anyone know how did that happen as I am on NG+2 and I summoned only one of them during NG+ & NG++ ?
Henryk, Younger Madras Twin, and Valtr are all confederates, and as a result can be summoned two at a time. It's also worth noting that, should you defeat Ludwig or Laurence with Valtr summoned and alive, you will get a Vermin after the fight.
So, looking at the description for the Old Hunter Bell, it means that all of these people were once hunters of the dream. So at least two of Logarius' followers were hunters of the dream at some point. And one of them preferred to fight mostly naked...
Queen Killer is underrated as hell.
So, is Queen Killer... actually Alfred? Gold ardeo, logarius wheel, and of course the name... There's no information about that NPC, I wish I could know who he actually is.
I doubt it. You can encounter him as an enemy in some Chalice Dungeons
Alfred is too young, his character model is the same as the Young Hunter, Queen Killer however has an aged body model, more of a mature or old hunter.
There are also no known Hunters who appear in AND outside of Dungeons.


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There is more than one queen. Lady Yahrnm for example
Does the glue color means some are stronger or more weak?
you can summon a red and a blue, but never two reds or two blues.