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By Anonymous
Phase 1 is completely joyless and unfun and phase 2 is one of the best fights to ever be created. How a boss can manage to have such a difference in phase quality is mystifying
By Anonymous
Skill issue
By Anonymous
His first phase can feel pretty hard to to read sometimes but playing unlocked makes it way easier to avoid his attacks. Second phase just lock on and stay as close as possible except during his AoE,
By Anonymous
Hard fight tooked me 5 Tries long range fast and hard to stagger.
By Anonymous
Which dream do mysteriously deleted comments go to when they die?
By Anonymous
I feel bad for saying No to him about his church hunters especially since it's the last moments of his life.
By Anonymous
You know, I'm not normally one to call people's interpretations of fictions wrong, but if you think Ludwig is a good guy (morally, thematically and gameplay wise he's incredible), you missed the point. HARD
By Anonymous
What is the point ?
By Anonymous
Actually the best boss in this game.
By Anonymous
Fun fact: The composer of his theme, Nobuyoshi Suzuki, went on to write the lyrics for Jump Up Super Star from Mario Odyssey. I don't think there's a higher badge of honor in gaming than working on a Mario game, so that speaks volumes about how talented this guy is, if his music didn't already convince you of that.
By Anonymous
"Upon reaching 50%, a cutscene will play where Ludwig becomes more composed..."

Lol composed, gg to the clever bastard that wrote that
By Anonymous
Imagine if instead of a moonlight greatsword he pulled out a comically large spoon
By Anonymous
Ahh, you were at my side all along

My true mentor

My guiding spoon-light
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