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By Anonymous
It's official. To be truely part of the soulsborne family one of the most important rules to be part of it's family is having a moonlight greatsword.

Other rules it has are.

-poison areas where fans complain the don't want them but miyazaki ignores it with a proud smile on his face each and everytime he creates a new family member.

-barefood characters. to know it's miyazaki proved.

- a bald man named patches, the npc. kicking you of cliffs.

- and so mutch more that every soulsborne game has.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
His theme in the second phase is mid.
By Anonymous
Internet troll
By Anonymous
Just beat this meth horse on BL4 after countless attempts. I am at peace.
By Anonymous
you definitely *can* dodge through the horizontal slash attack. just dodge toward him and you'll end up under him. neither of the followups hit you and you can whale on his body for a second or so.
By Anonymous
truly the bossfight of all time
By Anonymous
Pro tip: Mute the game!
By Anonymous
2nd phase unmute the game
By Anonymous
Banger of a theme just won't allow it
By Anonymous
Elden Ring second phase transitions are three times as long as his but not even half as impactful.
By Anonymous
The Elden Ring fanboys disagree based on the votes, shame they're wrong lol.
By Anonymous
As his should be considering it was a character only revealed in DLC. Same with Artorias. So you’re both wrong. Try again
By Anonymous
this is the best boss ever made by anyone
By Anonymous
Defeated him 2nd try using saw spear on trick mode with beast pellet & two fire papers. First time i lost was because of his AOE attack (the one where he raises his sword). I love this boss so much. 10/10 would get clapped again
By Anonymous
Second worst boss for me. Phase 1 is terrible but phase 2 is awesome. Only Laurence beats him in worst boss in DLC.
By Anonymous
Top 3 boss in gaming history. Both phases are phenomenally well designed.
By Anonymous
def wouldn’t say top 3 bosses in gaming, not even 10. but WORST? fight is good quaity and impactful. living failures was the worst boss in the dlc, and they weren’t even bad
By Anonymous
This guy's right. This boss sucks ***.
By Anonymous
^ so so wrong
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