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By Anonymous
His first phase was rinsing me, but once I got past that wall and saw him transform I thought "oh thank god" lol. Big dude with a sword is just way more readable than a 2 headed 100 limbed abomination. Awesome fight.
By Anonymous
I like to stompe his ugly head like that dude like godrick style
By Anonymous
This is still the best boss fight FromSoft has ever made
By Anonymous
i personally think sword saint is the best but ludwig is up there
By Anonymous
Malenia imo
By Anonymous
To oct 28 anon: malenia sucks *** lmao
By Anonymous
The most accursed thing about this boss is the run back to his arena
By Anonymous
What about it? It's short and safe
By Anonymous
Ludwig has a fetish for glowing greatswords. I dont judge
By Anonymous
When he jumps in the air and hangs to the ceiling, wait for his initial loud roar to finish. Just before he plunges down, he will let out a quiet roar. If you dodge literally as soon as you hear it, you will dodge this attack perfectly.
By Anonymous
A few seconds before he goes down, blood will start dripping from the ceiling near you, at this moment just run in a straight line and he'll miss you, no need to dodge.
By Anonymous
**** with glowing sword is tough
By Anonymous
So I'm a mad lad and have decided to fight ludwig at plus 3, my intention is to make a strength arcane, moonlight blade, and wwhurli gig saw, my plan is to kill Amelia at plus 0 gain acsses to the dlc, and get the whirli gig saw, then go back to old yharnum kill bsb and run the chalices until I can access the cummmfpk chalice and grind as much lvls as possible, plus 3 or 6 my weapon and face ludwig. My questions are will the whirli gig build beast blood quick, and is this manageable?
By Anonymous
You can but the best weapon for the fight is the beastcutter imo. Buff it with empty phantasm shell and it’ll probably do more damage level for level. I ran a STR/ARC build recently and the moveset is way better for Ludwig and I was getting way more damage out of it than the whirligig saw
By Anonymous
After 5 hours, I finally beat this boss. Level 71 (idk but I felt under leveled) by far the hardest boss ive done in a Soulsborne game
By Anonymous
Kudos to whoever edited the name of his moonlight blast attack to "Blasting Zone", one of Squall's limit break finishers in FFVIII.
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