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Of all the bosses I've fought in this game (which is all the main story ones) the only boss that i find as equally annoying as Ludwig is Rom
***** straight.
What about Bloodstarved beast and Viscar Amelia
So I guess you havent tried Ebrietas, daughter of chaos
Well for blood starved beast use the cocktails
he is a nightmare to battle but beating him is the most satisfying thing in gaming,
I don't know about the base game, but in NG+ the writhing corpse banging on the gate by the witch mob always drops 5 blood vials at 138 discovery. Its a 2 second detour that can make learning this son of a ***** a little less painful.
It happens in NG as well
I love how to corpse is just banging on the gate, like trying to drag himself away... what an awesome game.
If you want the easy mode, remember you can summon BOTH Madaras (where one of the trolls spawns) and Valtr (near the skeleton banging at the gate, his spawn spot disappears if you choose to summon Henriett -- near the bloody pit with the crows -- instead). Three hunters, one Ludwig.
Yeah, that's how I did it first. But it's much more satisfying doing it yourself.
I found Henriett, Valtr, and the younger Madaras twin. There are no other summons for the second twin.
The older Madaras twin was murdered by the younger one
Beat him with blade of mercy in my first try. How? I don't know lol.
same lol, max lvl mercy
A fast weapon is really good against Ludwig, gives you time to dodge.
From what people are saying, this guy is kind of the Gascoigne of the DLC - way *****ing harder than most of the bosses after him.
So I'm hoping I can figure this dude out, because FUUUUUUUUUCK. Everyone's saying to get in close, and stick to his sides, but he won't let me. He scurries away and just devours my health bar with his ridiculously fast attacks.
I really wouldn't compare him to Gascoigne, because unlike Gascoigne (who has the lowest health total of any boss in the game), Ludwig is a tank, having the fourth largest healthpool of any boss outside of chalice dungeons as well as solid defenses all around. It's important to learn his attacks, and how he telegraphs them, and learn which of them can be punished and which ones you just need to avoid. I generally find his second phase to be easier, just because he becomes far less mobile. Also...ha...he's got nothing on Orphan of Kos or Laurence, both of which are absolute monsters.
Removed the Final Fantasy crap from the trivia section. If we compared every boss's every detail to other games, these pages would be lightyears long.
*****ing weaboos.
what i meant to say was i am a *****ing weeaboo too
Thank you. Seriously this has always been a problem since Dark Souls came out.
Unfortunately for this fight, I was a tad over-leveled due to doing the Chalice dungeons, therefore I beat him the first time I tried. He hit me a few times, but they didn't do as much damage as they perhaps could have done. It's a shame, as he was the boss I was most looking forward to struggling against in all the game.
did you not go into NG+?