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How do you change the stair case cannot find a switch
At the very top, when you get up into the "rafters" of this section, there is 2 sets of rafters at the very top....
The first set you get to, in the exact center if you walk carefully along the beams, has a "Wheel" and "Cog" with a lever, you will see its the only part in the rafters that has a tiny stair case with railings that let you walk down to the lever.... that changes the stairway paths...
Pushing the lever will raise you to a second set of "rafters" and then you are at the very TOP of this area...each set of rafters has a ladder to get back down to the stairs, so you can leave the lever in either position...though its tricky at first to memorize this area, especially remembering how to move around with the stairs in both positions, eventually you'll find your way up to it.

Interestingly enough, I find the rafter area very similar to an area in Dark Souls 3
For some reason I couldn't switch the stairs to descend to the original position. I couldn't interact with the lever anymore, are the stairs stuck in the upper position permanently once you ascend them or am I doing something wrong?


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When in the Research Hall and when you use the Beckoning Bell, the woman will be on the third floor, by the weeping Creature. Take her out ASAP, cause a lot of Hunters from other worlds would rather be the enemy instead of an ally.
I wish if I can know more about th research... who is that one, who make all of is... and.. does Micolash has something with the church and its research? ..
Those enlarged head patients are true bull*****. The only way to survive an encounter with them is to fight them one at a time, but doing so is impossible due to their placement and behavior (that one goddamn room where they're all clustered up and don't move until you get there to be gangraped). And when I say impossible, I don't mean "super difficult," I mean it's literally not possible to draw them out one at a time because of their placement and numbers. It's times like these where I wish there was a save editor out there so I could retract my character's NG+ status to just NG without losing anything else. Regular enemies should not hit that goddamn hard, that fast, in those numbers. There's a line between challenging and infuriatingly annoying, and The Old Hunters crosses that line frequently. Kinda regretting buying it. All of the base game in Bloodborne is challenging and enjoyable (barring Yahar'gul), but The Old Hunters isn't enjoyable - at least in NG+. And I'm NOT willing to go through the million hours to build another character.

Also, whoever said they're blind can ***** all the way off.
It's frustrating, but often times when I get stuck like that, swapping weapons, breaking out some hunter tools, and using some items I rarely use...stuff like the pungent blood **** can be amazingly effective against swarms of enemies for example. In this circumstance, I found thrust weapons combined with the stairs to be a good combo (threaded cane jump attack+reiter thusts mostly). Whatever you come up with, you'll get it, and it will make your victory all the sweeter.
Git Gud.
If you're not making headway by going through the main entrance to that room, look for the alternate route to the upper entrance. From there you can give the drop on most of the patients, as long as you work your way from the top down, a method that remains advantageous in every location of the game. Equip fast weapons, as even the lightweight ones can stunlock them and you should be able to take them down in about 3 hits. If you need to draw any away from the crowd, pebbles will be your best friend. They're basically just the 2.0 version of the mob in Central Yharnam.
Git gud
Hard to say how you got there in the first place when this is "difficult" for you. I'd say go practice in Chalice dungeons, their difficulty is ramped way up from normal game - I learned a lot from them. Also, try different tactics than before and look for ways how terrain could help you. Or different weapons - it's good to have a handful of weapons upgraded as much as possible.
Yo I’m in NG+3 and they die in 2 hits, just bait them out with pebbles, there surprisingly useful
You said it right brother! Git Gud!
really? the first time i faced that room i triggered them all sprinting in.... I left the room and they filed out of the doorway ONE AT A TIME to get **** by my sword... you must really suck. By the way I died later, then went to that room the other way (through the patient room, up THAT ladder, kill the bigger one with the IV stick, then down the other ladder). If you do down slowly, you'll be standing in the middle of the 5 in that smalle hall and they dont' even know that you're there until you massacre them. Then walk out of the hallway, the others didn't know I was there either. ya.... you suck.
killed Adelinne and...she died leaving me nothing
Yes, same for me. Poor description in walkthrough regarding the final phase of her quest line.
I also just killed her too early. Someone fix the walkthrough.


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Did the exact same thing. "Provided you reloaded the area..." This line is factually incorrect, reloading is insufficient to advance the quest. It's particularly misleading because Adeline begins to flop and mutter around after receiving the second fluid making you think she's on a new stage of the quest.
For some reason I cannot go back to the Research Hall via the elevator and I did not see the lamp so I did not light it so there is no way for me to go to the Research Hall. Is this some kind of bug and is there any way to fix it?
Wtf are you talking about
Pull the lever to fix it
The lamp is UP, after use the elevator, and maybe the elevetor boes up, for make it back use the lever and wait to it get down.

There is a treasure box way DOWN the elevator, so if you use the lever instead wait go down for the tresure.
I raised the staircases and then promptly fell off the rafters trying to kill the brain fluid thing. When I respawned all the shortcuts were unlocked (none were before I died) and I didn't need the key from Adeline to unlock the Living Failures door, it just opened. Not sure if it's a bug or a feature but I don't think I'm really going to complain.
Living failures's door doesn't need adeline's key, adeline's key is for get te Black Sky Eye
In the room hidden behind the medical equipment, on the right wall when entering the room, there's a ladder to the butthead with the medical drip, allowing one to avoid that frekkin room 2 ;) helped me soooo much when I saw it... :3
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