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By Anonymous
I have the DLC, killed vicer but there is no eye, am I missing some thing?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Sooo…. Here’s a new glitch relating to this dlc. Current patch. I have the eye of the blood drink hunter, and when I go to get teleported it just gets stuck loading… I’ve tried deleting and redownloading the game multiple times, and renewing licenses and neither work… I’m at a loss
By Anonymous
There is a lot of ways you can do this:
1. Kill amelia and use eye of a blood drunk hunter.
2. Kill amygdala(In nightmare frontier).
3. Have the amygdala rock(In forbidden woods).
4. 40 knowledge + blood drunk hunter eye.
By Anonymous
I have just beaten Gehrman with only the moon presence left but the messengers aren’t appearing with the item, what can I do to make them appear?
By Anonymous
Have you purchased the DLC? If not included in your version of the game then you have to pay $19.99 and then download it. After that, you have to interact with the skull in Grand Cathedral. Finally, go back to Hunter's Dream and it appears to right of where you normally interact with The Doll
By Anonymous
Easily the best soulsborne DLC
By Anonymous
Ringed City was also really good!