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Ps I did everything you said
The Physical Copy of the game does not match the region of the DLC . Had the same problem
Has your game been updated
I defeat vicar Amelia long time ago and i buy the old hunters yesterday
I can't find the Eye of blood drunk hunter.
How can i enter the DLC??
is it before the door along the path at the refuge held by messangers
it should be in the Hunter's dream, Next to where the doll usually stands a group of messengers should have an item. If they're not there, i don't know.
You should visit the hunter's dream and right when you climb the stairs to the house you will receive a note reading the note will give you the eye of the blood drunk hunter
got to beat vica amelia for eye to appear
Looking for help with the hunters before Lawrence's Skull. PSN: Pariah12988 message me
This DLC suddenly got way harder and I don't know what triggered it?
Your insight level will make enimies harder after a certain amount.
No it only makes certain enemies harder none of which are present in the DLC
Is it just my poor attention to detail, or are certain enemies removed or replaced around the Cathedral Ward when you purchase and install the DLC?
I think it depends on your insight count and/or "moon phase" you have on your playthrough.
I am Level 10 and struggling with the Living Failures. What level should I be?
Level 90, the hell are you thinking doing DLC that early in the game lol.
To be fair you are given access to the DLC at such an early stage in the game it is easy for newcomers to accidentally find themselves lost in there at a low level. I would say at least 60 (plenty of Vigor though) with a +7 weapon. Recommended to be around 80-90 with a +9/10 weapon though.
Be like me, level 216 with Baines Blade +9. Wipe the damn floor with everything.
How did you get past Ludwig at level 10?!?



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Bought the DLC before starting the game, and tried to find as much as I could without consulting the wiki----I've been back to that area a dozen or more times exploring, and nothing. Either my character keeps missing the spot by virtual inches, or that Amygdala couldn't care less about getting me where I need to go... Hmm, maybe I should try Make Contact... Or "mooning" it if that doesn't work...


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Hi all,
My question is:
I have played the GOTY edition, but I don't have it anymore. If I get the normal one that does not have DLC included - will I be able to use my old save data?
Thank you!