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I can't buy the Bold Hunter's Mark from the Messengers anymore. Why is that?
"Might be a reference to berserk"
Is that a joke? Are the editors like, blind? Of course it's a reference to berserk, haven't you played these *****ing games? Half of the***** in them is just straight stolen from it.



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Are you *****ing dumb? Is this comment a joke?
Gr8 b8 m8 I almost fell for it
Don’t know why the hunters don’t just draw the symbol on the back of their hand, lol.
Never thought about that! Haha...
Has there ever been a more useless item in gaming history? Try using this stupid **** thing anywhere except in the safety of your own ****** and you will get hit and it will not work. It takes a thousand stupid years, no amount of skill can mitigate that, you're just ****. **** you from. Stupid **** **** **** die in a nuclear **** firestorm
Get good ya *****ing scrub, learn to *****ing space yourself instead of trying to pop it in a crowd of enemies and getting your *** beat on!
Jeez some one is salty as hell, and is terrible at this game. You can't use this thing in a crowd, it takes a short time to activate, but you get Iframes at a certain point in the animation
Possible King in Yellow reference?
Very useful for farming, to reset the area quickly. Stock up on them (they are super cheap) and get grinding!