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By k_huntington
i can't speak for older versions, but as of 1.09 you do not need the Impurity Rune to gain entrance. all you need is the eye of the blood drunk hunter. i went to the dlc before even unlocking the door to snake forest just now. so yeah.
By Anonymous
"Well there comes a time in every man's life where we have to face our fears, so brave the grab, and head into the Nightmare."

Umm excuse me??? I'm a girl (they/them please) playing this, like ugh I'm so sick of everyone just assuming only guys play these games. It's disgusting, misogynistic and offensive to all the other genders.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Are you even trying vro
By Anonymous
You know, sometimes when man is used, it's in place of both genders. Automatically thinking that it's there strictly to offend you? I dunno, that sounds pretty misogynistic to me...
By Anonymous
This is a weird place to troll, but okay lol.
By Anonymous
I think it’s a good game for everyone i play it and I’m only 16
By Anonymous
worst bait ive seen in my life
By Anonymous
amazing bait
By Anonymous
the sheer feeing of being overwhelmed by dopamine and a sense of accomplishment after killing ludwig whilst underleveled by a good margin is something I truly believe every person should experience
By Anonymous
You dont have to be high level to do **** here. You can get the beast cutter, beast hunter saif, amygdala arm, whirligig saw, various armor pieces, and some blood chunks just by sprinting around this place like a mad man.
By Anonymous
Well now. This takes "git gud" to a whole different level.
By Anonymous
This location would've been 100% more tolerable if they just added a ****ing lamp in the area right after the church near the dude with the claws
By Anonymous
When you climb the ladder leading to the big pool of blood with the two Nightmare Executioners, look up at the shape of the Astral Clocktower. We don't get a good look at its profile anywhere else, but from the top of that hill, doesn't it almost look like a wolf howling at the sky?
By Anonymous
You don't need the Impurity Rune from joining the League; it just makes Valtr available as a summon. You can access the DLC just fine without it, as soon as you have the Eye of the Blood-Drunk Hunter.
By Anonymous
Whoever made the map, thank you. So much better than the “bring your little sister to cartography” editions on the base game pages.
By Anonymous
They put the vicars in the worst place possible,**** those mutated spaghetti