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By Anonymous
Where is the map for the dlc?
By Hatesolstice
I come from the future. Even in 2018 we have no map.
By Anonymous
2019, still nothing
By Anonymous
2020.... guess what we dont have
By Anonymous
There is a map, but only with lamps locatios.
By Anonymous
Am I the only one who notices that the magic slamming woman says the same lines as Vicar Amelia pre-cleric beast transformation? Wearing same clothes and same hair too.. Same voice even. WHY DOES THE WIKI NOT EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE THIS?
By Anonymous
nope i noticed too
By Anonymous
The creature is Vicar Amelia..
By Anonymous
It looks more like the cleric beast mate
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By Astronymous
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We're talking DLC here: The boss in the Grand Cathedral, who's holding the eye pendant, is Laurence the First Vicar
By Anonymous
The recommended BL for NG+ is far too high. I struggled at around 105 (25 vit, 25 end, 25 str, 25 skl, 18 bldt) and then grinded to like 135 (40 vit, 26 end+runes, 30 str, 30 skl, 28 bldt); I have been stomping the bosses so far with Ludwig's HB.I dealt with Ludwig's first form on the first post grind run by using the stairs to my advantage and the second form is a joke, esp with 40 vit.Living Failures was actually more difficult. The trick is to just backstab-visceral whenever the meteor animation begins. Again 40 vit makes it easy to survive.Maria... again first try. With high health and endurance, you can stun-lock her to deal massive damage. None of her combos will kill you and she's very easy to parry.A BL of 110 will give you a far better challenge (and better time) with a Vit of around 30-35.
By Anonymous
About Ludwig,
Called Valtr...the other one never appeard.
Used freshly buffed Wiglsaw+9. lvl 120, but all 25 + vit on 50.
Used L2 only on Ludwig and sawed him down the moment he turned to Valtr.
Well he ALMOST killed me with his Ulit on second Phase, but i survived barely and sawed him dead.
Valtr and me survived on first try ^^
By Anonymous
Your problem wasn't your level. Your problem was your abysmal job at leveling the right stats.
By Anonymous
In particular, the location of the Constable's Garb and Gloves are just flat out wrong, not sure why they're still there in the text or even how the mistake was made in the first place.
By Anonymous
So did you guys give up on this when the DLC came out or what?
By Anonymous
Who is the enemy right outside the building where you get the boom hammer (the one using beast claws)
By Anonymous
That's a hunter - he transforms and **** you if you're not good at dodging.... i died to him... luckely he's optional and you only get a rifle by killing him (Sniper Kinda Rifle)
By Anonymous
Based on appearance, that may be Irreverent Izzy, the same Hunter who first designed the Beast Claws
By Anonymous
If you need Bullets or Blood Vials, Spawn at church, kill both Big Guys outside with R2 Charge to back, Backstab R1, R2 Charge (with LHB+10). Cannon'Guy drops up to 10 bullets and Axe'Guy 5-6 Vials, then turn around go towards bossroom. Turn right behind the Gate, kill the Witch and then kill the Bloodyskeletom at Gate for another 5 Vials. 10 Vials, 10 Bullets in unter 2 min.
By HuntingUnkindled
Easier said than done. The Executioners have weirdly sensitive sensors and will detect you often if you're charging an attack.
By Anonymous
I'd rather just farm the pigs in mergo's loft. Each drops at least 2 vials and like 9.4k echoes with no moon runes equipped. Not to mention the proximity to a lamp.
By Anonymous
What's a good level for NG+++?