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By Anonymous
I should like to squish him between my fingers like a bit of putty
By Anonymous
No wonder people are attracted to him, he's very endearing in that mentally deranged way, don't you just wanna pick him up and shake him vigorously?
By Anonymous
What a silly little guy, surely he hasn't done anything horrifying!
By Anonymous
But does he know the full FNaF lore?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Worst boss design ever. Whoever created this boss was a total moron. Not hard at all and just annoying the entire time, totally lame and a real smear on From's bosses.
By Anonymous
You’re a scrub. It’s not supposed to be hard. Bosses can serve more purposes than that. It’s great for lore and atmosphere
By Anonymous
I love this boss so much. Every other humanoid boss has unique moves or a special transformation that sets them apart from normal hunter npcs but Micolash just has his ridiculous AI. On my first run I had this problem where I didn’t know that you had to get him in the room alone so I would just chase him and keep shooting him and sometimes he’d stop in front of a mirror so I could get a couple hits in but on replay he’s so damn easy because all it takes is a straight dash to dodge acb and has ds3 levels of poise. His voice is also my second favorite in the game after Fishing Hamlet Priest.
By Anonymous
Absolutely Micholash best boss 10/10
By Anonymous
Why does he moan lmao
By Anonymous
He mocks you for not being able to find him. So he howls to lead you by sounds.
By Anonymous
He's howling to make fun of the hunter for being a beast, or at least his perception of beast hood
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Cool dude
By Anonymous
funny little guy
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