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By Anonymous
I found this the most effective for the second phase; activate beast's roar, wail on him, when he stands up activate it again, rinse, repeat victory
By Anonymous
Make sure when cosplaying this mad genius, only coop his boss, do not help ANYONE, and after the session ends, whether they die or succeed, send them a message. "Awooooooo"
By Anonymous
In phase two follow him to the mirrors, if is gonna enter the big squere room DON´T FOLLOW HIM, go all way upstairs, look for the room you can drop down, there will be a ethereal puppet outside, drop down, and the will be outside the room confused, use a long range weapon (Beast cutter or the Hunter´s cane) and hit him once, if you get too close he will run, but if you hit him with the long range weapon or a pistol he will reappear in the mirror behind him, giving you chance for another hit, rinse and repeat, just beware the puppets behind you. If he runs away, chase him to the mirrors again and drop into the room, he will be outside again waiting for you, if he is not, look for him, chase and repeat
By Anonymous
Used Tonitrus in first phase, and kept him down with augur of ebrietas, second phase ludwigs longsword with fire enchantment and augur again to keep him down after he cast his own or tried to cast his aoe spell. Smooth kill
By Anonymous
Can I just say, tho guy has incredible dialogue? The most interesting by far, besides the Father.
By Anonymous
This guy* oops.
By Anonymous
This strategy would require a decent, thought not necessarily maxed, arcane and bloodtinge, but if his second phase is really giving you trouble there is an easy, risk free way to skip it. Eventually after he teleports, you will chase him to an area where he jumps off a ledge and stands in the center of a room below, begging for a plunging attack. Most of the time, a plunging attack will miss and he'll just run away. When you reach this point, DO NOT DROP DOWN AFTER HIM. You can just stand on the ledge above him and using blood bullets, you can finish him off with executioner's gloves, an evelyn, molotovs, poison knives, whatever. His arcane resistance is extremly high, so it will take a while, but he won't move, try to dodge, or fight back in any way, and there are no mobs that will aggro you from that point.
By Anonymous
yes I agree this is a gread dialogue but most likely the most crucal line that was looked over in the article is Micolash stating "Awooooooooo, Aaaaaaaaaa"
By Anonymous
That call beyond is a one hit kill, I am in ng+5 and he still is hard, every other boss I can do in one or two tries, this guy takes 10. My advice for the second phase use all stamina to r1 spam, then spam him with blunder buss until you can regain stamina this will kill him or weaken him greatly
By Anonymous
Can attest to this. Even with the Choir Set giving me the highest Arcane resistance, his attacks hit like a *****ing freight train and he LOVES to spam that attack.
By Anonymous
On phase 2 just throw knifes at him before he sees you
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