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By Anonymous
The only boss who waits patiently while you go take a crap at half time - what an absolute gent!
By Anonymous
what a silly man
By Anonymous
**** this guy
By Anonymous
Wouldn't wish doing this trash can of a boss on ng ++ upon my worst enemy.
By Anonymous
Micolash doesnt have amazing moveset but I like how original this fight is. He is the only boss who is not agressive and he runs away from you. You can literally just ignore him and loot the place when the boss HP bar is on the screen. The first part is easy and in the second part I didnt experience the immediate Call beyond cast (maybe FromSoftware patched it). During the fight he used it 3 times and I was able to dodge all of it. Also his HP is quite low and I took him down quickly.
By Anonymous
Same here. I love the music combined with the taunting and chase. People dismiss him as a gimmick boss but he reminded of the strange and weird atmosphere that the games have slowly lost since Demons Souls.
By Anonymous
Worst boss in the entire series. LITERALLY RUNNING AWAY FROM YOU IN A FOGGY MAZE. Whoever made this boss was on METH.
By Anonymous
hard boss for me took me a few tries
By Anonymous
Trash boss you mean
By Anonymous
I love this guy he has so much charisma.
By Anonymous
It might've just been good RNG but in my first and only try on Micolash I beat him pretty easily. Essentially, just ignore him and go loot his nightmare. In the first couple minutes, I got Micolash to run into the door pretty quickly, i did this by running past him or just another corridor (dont remember exactly). After I looted i took the long way around effectively shepherding him towards the door. The rest of the time i just went around and looted, cheesed Micolash with poison knives for a couple seconds at the opening and then just jumping down and beating his ***. It was all pretty easy actually...
By Anonymous
It seems like he is in a giddy, childlike state, quite unusual for someone who is supposed to be the respected head of an academy. He realizes he is dreaming but doesn't want to wake up because he fears he will forget. He doesn't even realize he is dead. To him, it's just a game.

His catchphrase "Kos or some say Kosm" seems to be like a kind of gloat mingled in with his prayer. It's like he's saying to you "oh, you didn't know that Kos is the personification of the Cosmos? Hee hee well now you know! Ta ta!" like he is expressing how much deep knowledge he has while you are just a lowly hunter who knows nothing, and he is just toying with you.
By Anonymous
He's a funny little fella.

Also he sounds pouty when he says, "Now I'm waking up. I'll forget everything."
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