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His wolf howling could be a Blade Runner reference. Where Deckart is chased by Roy Batty and Batty also does the howling.
Bloodborne is a great game, but I feel Micolash holds it back from masterpiece status. He really is that terrible and not-fun. I'd rather face any number of Cursed Defiled Watchdogs or Ihyll Pthumerian Descendants that this aggravating, cheesy cocksucker.



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That is why I do the DLC and get whatever weapon I want +10 with high tier gems before I fight him, poison is also very effective
This, a few other bosses and a handful of enemies kinda kill a lot of it for me. A 'lotta people say "Best game ever made" and I'm more of a.. "It's good. Pretty good, but I don't think I could say it's amazing" 'cause of some of the areas and the aforementioned enemies
I mean... he's just different. I still think it's neat that they made such an atypical boss fight, especially for so late in the game. He absolutely stands out in people's memory.
Micolash kind of talks like Albert Wesker (RE5). I had to look up to see if it was the same voice actor.
There are 2 actors doing his voice
Yeah you just sit there and spam your hentai arm and the nuke from beyond you ****, **** little man
Such an unlikable ****ing boss. He has two moves and they both can one-shot you. Then you get to run through his **** little maze again.
I beat him 1st try while sleep deprived. But I got Gud long time ago
Probably one of my favorite bosses, but the fight itself is either annoying or boring as hell. If you stay close and know how to dodge the tentacle arm thing (I know that one Byrgenwerth hunter taught me to do that the hard way), it's boring and easy. If you have a hard time dodging his attacks, it'll probably feel annoying and cheap judging by how much damage he does if you do get caught. Anyways, if you're having trouble, kill the surrounding enemies first and stay close to him and on his side. He won't launch the projectiles when your close and the tentacles can't get to you when you're next to him.
His ost is really awesome but it is also tainted with boss fight. Particularly how micolash would rant and howl I just can’t unhear that when certain moments of the music plays .
I never thought much about it before, but you know how Alfred mentions a "Byrgenwerth scholar" that brought "forbidden blood" to Cainhurst? I'm starting to wonder now if that was referring to Micolash.

Mensis seems to share certain visual details with Castle Cainhurst, and there's also the connection to Queen Yharnam. The Winter Lanterns (though seemingly imitations of the Doll) look like they could be wearing Cainhurst dresses, too. Furthermore, Mergo's attendants wear steel armor and carry distinctly medieval weaponry.

I wonder if that "forbidden blood" had to do with the Brain of Mensis and the Winter Lanterns, as if they were all involved in some kind of experiment? This granted them the first Third Umbilical... and the stillbirth of their brains?
the best boss
Top 10 mentally insane Bloodborne characters:

1. Micolash, host of the nightmare
2. Alfred, Vileblood hunter
3. Brador, church assassin
4. Forbidden Woods gate watchman
5. Enlarged head patients
6. Adella the nun
7. Yamamura, old hunter
8. Screaming Machine gun wheelchair people
9. Valtr, beast eater
10. Master Willem