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i need somebody at •• nightmare frontier lvl 62
hey hey hey hey hey hey
Any chance anyone would like to help me beat the one reborne?
i will
Anyone have a spare xbox 360
live gold code ill put them in my youtube video
215+ willing to help, or coop/kill invaders. Whatevs. Have a mic. Mocha_dude
i need help with amygdala in cursed and defiled dungeon anyone able to help please?
what is your level ??
forgot to mention ps4 id: Crimson_Kazumi
ID Blacksun787
Can anyone help me beat the shadows boss in bloodborn in the woods
what is your level ?
what is your level ?
where r u people?
helph micolasNmicolash anyone wanna help? Ps4 Argelino-dz thanks