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For some reason, I think you can farm for this gemstone at the forbidden woods off of those celestial beings and other types as well. Don't know why but this would be good for people if they wanted to get it from some where else other than the chalice dungeons.
If you equip one to your gun, will your trick weapon get the damage bonus?
By assuming that the gem a circle one (for guns), the answer is yes. However, best gem for guns (damage +31%) shall be farmed in dungeon chalice layer 1 (watcher enemy in the side area). glyph y59zbyza.
For your infos, best radial gems of the game shall be farmed in dungeon layer 1 boss (watchers) : glyph by68zgaj. Best triangle gems to be farmed in layer 1 boss as per glyph 5pwujscd.
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Where in Mensis´s Nightmare is this gem?
So what enemy has the best chance of dropping these?
I have found one so far and it's only +10.5, but I don't even remember what it dropped from.



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They drop from Snail Women and Labyrinth Spectres.

I advice consulting the arcanist cookbook for any further details.
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I found one on the fatty at the bottom of the stairs in Central Yharnam.