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I believe you can find one or two of the Flowerbuds in the Nightmare Frontier. Can't remember where for the life of me though.
You can get 4 in nightmare frontier, thanks fromsoft
Thanks to the post above, I can confirm that you can get 2 Coldblood Flowerbuds in the Nightmare Frontier. You can find them in the poisonous swamp area (where the squid-like creatures are and giants hurl rocks at you) on a corpse near the center of the swamp.
Plus, you can do Chalice Dungeon Search and Chalice Glyphs to create it for free, once you have made on already.
scratch that ... just confirmed, I am able to buy them. So the game is smart enough to realize i'm just a big dummy :)
I made the dumb mistake of doing the chalice ritual for ailingloran, and then I removed it due to OCD and wanting to put hintertomb there. Big mistake as now I think I have to play through NG+ till rather late game to be able to resummon. FML :)
You can also get one Coldblood Flowerbud from another corpse along the path where you step on the giant tomb to create a shortcut. Another Coldblood Flowerbud can also be found on the corpse near the cliff (SPOILERS) Spider Patches kicks you from.
Also drops in Ailing Loran Chalice, at least from chests in treasure room (if i remember correctly in layer 1).


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It can be bought from the insight messengers after defeating Amygdala in Nightmare Frontier, testing exactly what conditions are required to unlock each material.
hi... I defeated the amygdala and this item didn't come to my insight shop...can anyone help?
You have to find at least one in nightmare frontier before you can start buying them