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By Anonymous
Soyjak npc
By Anonymous
y he look like logan paul unless he is logan paul and somhow he made his way into the game
By Anonymous
Alfred, destroyer of vampire hoes, defiler of simps, man of integrity and honour, fulfilling his late master's mission.
A based man to be sure.
By Anonymous
Well, he actually botched his master's mission. His master was gaurding the queen because he knew she could not be killed, and that no more vilebloods would be created as long as he stopped anyone from getting to her. Alfred accomplishes nothing by smashing her into giblets, other than fullfilling his own blind rage.
By Anonymous
Silence, incel
By Anonymous
he can smash me too ;)
By Anonymous
well if it isn't jimmy from the hit 2013 videogame payday 2
By Anonymous
My boi is no simp
By Anonymous
His diatribe about the Vilebloods is such *******. I never understood why people took the words of a raving lunatic for gospel, especially if it appertains to the object of his obsessive hatred. There was no scholar who took forbidden blood to Cainhurst, no one besides Alfred ever mentions this again. In fact, you see what actually happened mere minutes before you interact with him. The scholar who brought forbidden blood from Byrgenwerth was Laurence, and he took it to the Healing Church. The Vilebloods can use blood magic because they're descendants of the Pthumerians, not because they stole some special blood.
By Anonymous
Raving lunatic?

He's one of the most composed and sane NPCs in the game. Also, everything he says about the world is true. And he just wants to finish Logarius' mission. Nothing crazy about that either. Some of you get weirdly attached to the vilebloods, or rather this one NPC to actually get mad at Alfred and people simply choosing a route in the game, and I'll never understand it...
By Anonymous
He's part of a literal genocidal cult, and murders someone at the end of his quest line and then brags about it. When he first told me he hunted "Vilebloods," I assumed they were some kind of monster. No, they're not. They're literally people. Logarius and his Executioners waltzed into Cainhurst Castle and murdered an entire people. The Executioners and Alfred are completely insane.
By Anonymous
Vilebloods are literally vampires, they literally kill people for they're blood.
I wont be surprised if the Blood Lickers were actually Vilebloods that drank so much blood to transform them into mosquitos.
So Alfred and Logarius are kinda based
By Anonymous
Soulsborne fans are just conditioned to hate anything to do with a church I suppose...
By Anonymous
Where do you get that the vilebloods are descendants of the Pthumerians? There's more evidence of the people from Yharnam & Yahar'gul being Pthumerian descendants than the vilebloods. I find it hard to believe that the vilebloods were total innocents. There's a lot more evidence that they did get ahold of some blood from another Great One & it resulted in a different form of beast plague. The bat creatures guarding the the towers heavily hint at their vampiric activities.
By Anonymous
While fighting him in the queens chamber he said "Blood, you spilled my blood" or something along those lines
By Anonymous
Gosh He looks so depressed in the Close Up picture. Anybody give this man something to cheer him up.
By Anonymous
It's kind of hard to make a happy looking face in Bloodborne to be fair.
By Anonymous
like giving him an unopened cainhurst summon?
By Anonymous
I really liked this guy until he just up and murdered the queen like a lunatic. **** you alfred
By Anonymous
He just did his job.

Heretic eliminated.
By Anonymous
Agreed, he was doing what he was supposed to do. The issue is his zealotry towards the church. The queen isn't exactly a "good person" but probably better than being a blind fool in the grand scheme of Bloodborne. But at least Alfred helps you.
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