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By Anonymous
It's hardly my favorite weapon in the DLC, but I found the Boom Hammer to be really useful in the Living Failure fight. The charged R2 doesn't take long, and it will hit more than one of them at once. Their windups and cool downs are long enough that it isn't hard to get in a rhythm and herd them together, hitting 2-3 of them at a time with the Boom Hammer's R2. I suspect the transformed Burial Blade and axe can get decent AOE damage out of their R2's too (especially with bolt paper), but I haven't tested it. I did this with 45 strength and 30 arcane.
By Anonymous
I was able to one shot this boss simply by running around in circles unlocked and charging one at a time when separated from the group. Just watch your back and make sure no one is shooting anything at you when you're attacking. Be careful during phase 2 when it starts raining down and then just rinse and repeat. TL;DR they live up to their name
By Anonymous
Strategy for this is really easy - just run continuously in a circle around the arena and when you see a spell caster run up, give them a hit or two, then keep running. Have the camera facing as many as possible to spot any of those homing lasers, which can be avoided by running at a slight angle until they pass you. When they all raise their hands, run to the far doorway and wait it out. Seriously this boss is just more tedious than anything.
By Anonymous
I didn't know that I get to fight myself as a boss
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By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Living failures? I had no idea limp bizkit was in this game.
By Anonymous
I spend so much time with this boss using my index or middle finger pressed on the run button whilst my right thumb is focusing on the camera. ***** this health sponge mob!
By Anonymous
coming from Ludwig these *****s are easy, very annoying tough but you just have to hit and run fast with a r2 weapon and avoid their attacks having all at the same time in screen, then when they cast the rocks just run to the door in the oposite side and youll be safe
By Anonymous
Extremely good in this fight, lots of damage when they line up together. Hittin the 2 melee at the same time is easy
By Rukixstalker
Slight rant ,
I went to do this fight (after jumping in once in the fight to see what im getting into) with possible co-op as a confederate (so I did have a meat shield npc summon on top of a possible real player).I haven't had any problems with people joining on in before this fight.But NO ONE wants to co-op this fight as a summon , for three plus hours I didn't get a single summon. But I got beckoned when I tried small bell in no time flat.
I understand that this fight is pretty frustrating due to the multiple enemies. But think of the new hunters that need help and a living distraction <3.
Many deaths later, I found the luring the melee around the flower garden and separating them from the magick-casters to be a great way to chisel them on down and using lightning on your weapon to help a great deal. This counts as well for when they summon meteor, though I do lure least one or two to the blind spot of the large flower to get cheap hits in. I finally won with being a cautious hunter.
By Anonymous
Its the second easiest boss fight in the game after the Celestial Emissary, Yamamura should be more than enough help for it.
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