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Easy for a melee build. Just run around and find an isolated alien. Hit & run. You will learn quickly when there is an opening for a charged attack so use it. Sometimes you can get lucky and hit more than 1 guy. Once they start casting the meteor just start dodging or look at the sky and find out which direction it comes from & hide behind the pillar in the center.
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be nice!!!!
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Got lucky here, one just kept chasing Yamamura around and the other just kept respawning in the same place when i killed it
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Boom Hammer, when ignited, deals heavy AOE damage on impact.
While some of the creatures cast arcane spells, others try to swarm you and can be easily baited into grouping up using the tree in the center.
It is possible to deal triple damage to the healthbar of the boss with a single hit, if player manages to time and space a good charge attack with R2 (again, using ignited mode for Boom Hammer as an example)
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Hard fight as i Found. Had 1/8 Health left and all potions used.
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All Visceral Attack runes are bugged on them, not just Echo Gain runes. Base Blood Rapture will heal 800+ health, +2 Odeon Writhe gives over 7 Blood Bullets (never actually saw how many on account of getting so many back)
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By no means the hardest fight I encountered in Bloodborne. By all means the most ******* fight I've encountered in any video game. Half my hits miss, despite being target locked against a 10 foot monster. The whole fight felt buggy and silly and I can't even pin down why. even though I only died to the boss 3 times, all three times I thought what the hell. I died to ludwig probably a hundred times and never once thought it was just garbage BS. I'm glad it's over because it single handedly hindered my opinion of the whole game. I hadn't really found any dislikes until this one and it feels huge to me. very disappointed. They Should change the name to design failure. well it's done now, but I no longer see myself doing another playthrough.
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I think that means you bad at the game if you struggled with this boss also level up do the dlc before mergos wet nurse because you will be better at the game
By Anonymous
If you will take a look at the altar where you first meet Alfred, there is a note there saying

"git gud"
By Anonymous
This reminds me of the guy who made a gigantic deal out of how poorly designed & unfair the Twin Princes fight was
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I find it weird that the living failures are more powerful than the new emissaries
By Anonymous
Clearly a reference to the soulsborne community.
Grateful to be part of
By Anonymous
FromSoft fr gonna drop the hardest OST in a video game ever on "Living Failures"
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