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By Anonymous
After being ***-pounded by one punch man about 40 times, I learned the best strategy for a melee build is to hug his left leg (right leg facing him) as it does not allow for the stomp attack and is good for easily telegraphing his other moves.
By Anonymous
People will appreciate this strategic advice, but the preceding erotic story about your activities with one punch man was unnecessary
By Anonymous
Just as an FYI for anybody else getting their *** beat by this guy, the chalice dungeons apparently don't scale with your NG+ cycles. I was worried I had to beat him on NG cause he would only get worse from there but it seems that's not the case.
By Anonymous
In a F/R/C Pthumeru Ihyll Root Dungeon, this ****er one shot with every single attack.
By Anonymous
Not true, only if you have all eye runes equipped, but u shouldn't use them on bosses, it's useless cause it's already a giaranteed drop.
By Anonymous
Is the Church Pick a viable option for this guy? I know it deals some serrated damage but is it worth it? I'm running a Skill/Arcane build.
By Anonymous
I've done it in my second try with church pick, its very effettive against him and if u infuse it with fire its easy work
By Anonymous
Arcane will not scale with Skill-- at all. Magic damage does not apply unless you apply a magic gem-- magic gems Nullify all physical scaling, so you are either Arcane, or you're Skill, you cannot be both.

I recommend pure Skill-Strength for the pick, fire paper does not scale with Arcane, it's fixed damage.
By Anonymous
Not true, depends on your weapon, if the damage is split, (arcane, physical) then the weapon scales with both. Choosing a split weapon has it's good points too, like holy moonlightsword has a high thrust base so your visceral will do more.
By Anonymous
I made an Arcane/Bloodtinge build, so was in a weird spot where I had low HP, but 56/50 Arc/BT. This boss was killed with the following (second try, cuz I went in totally unprepared and thought I was fighting a totally different boss). This was the Headless one, who has approximately thirty trillion HP.
1. Repeating Pistol +10
2. 10x Bone Marrow Ash
3. Blacksky Eye
It took me 18 Blood vials, and I was left with 7 QS bullets (I ALWAYS use blood bullets). I didn't swing my saw cleaver once.
Pistol shots hit for 820ish HP with BMA applied. BSE shots were hitting for 324/shot. I just kept walking away, and running to the other side of the arena through his legs when he got close. Funny enough, he kept de-aggroing, which gave me enough time to pop more blood bullets and BMA when necessary. I only had 730 HP, so I was gonna die in one hit anyway, so I didn't heal much. Just enough to keep adding more blood bullets.
This could probably be much easier with the Simon's Bowblade, but I'm out of chunks and can't max it :-D
Good luck. Hope you can do it too, even if you have to cheese this jerkface.
(Side note: does the centipede remind anyone else of Sekiro?)
By Anonymous
From was probably hitig at how they were going to use them in Sekiro, we all know how they love dropping hints about the next game.
By Anonymous
The boss is blind, literally. If you nuke it from afar with a call beyond and then calmly walk behind one of the pillars, he will move a bit and then go back to the same place. I have to use 28 quicksilver bullets plus bloodbullets, but I manage it.
By Anonymous
Kos was easier than this guy!
By Anonymous
What great hitboxes this boss has!!!
By Anonymous
And greater camera angles.
By Anonymous
I just love getting wrecked by that tracking-death-punch from hell. I can't wait to get smashed for the 100th time. I keep calm and definently don't loose my s*** when it happens for the 50th time.
By Anonymous
Ugly beast doesn’t even have his own soundtrack
Ugly stupid dog
By Anonymous
this guy can suck my ***
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