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By Anonymous
Using this against Yurie is so much fun
By Anonymous
Like a slow but powerful, pistol for arcane builds
By BabyLicker
Believe it or not this thing is pretty good for parrying, it may feel slow but when you use it in tandem with weapons like LHB and be aggressive you can nuke enemies like Gehrman. The windup takes a second but with the right timing you can become a god of parrying with this thing.
By Anonymous
Surprisingly strong as a combo ender. A little more niche than the beast roar since it's slower and has longer recovery, but it's perfect for the 2h hard hitters like the kirkhammer.
By Anonymous
When you don't have to look up Rule 34 tentacle Schmentai of Lady Maria because it already exists in the game.
By Anonymous
Ah. I see you're a man of culture as well.
By Anonymous
The lady Maria destroyer
By Anonymous
Used this against gascoigne and he started moaning please help the FBI is at my door
By Anonymous
Very effective against female
By Anonymous
men have holes too, *****
By Anonymous
And men
By Anonymous
Male too but only from behind
By Anonymous
This thing is amazing against Orphan of Kos
By Anonymous
You call him Kos? I always said Kosm.
By Anonymous
Ah Kos, or some say Kosm…..
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By Grim_Reaper
My favourite parry tool. A real game changer.
By Anonymous
I tried it few times and I wouldnt say range is half of a pistol. It seems like it has range of long melee weapon.
By Anonymous
1/3 or pistols range. At best.