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Tentacular Spectacular
By Anonymous
you can use it on 1st phase OoK.
it is helpful.
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Ben, from umbrella Academy
By Anonymous
Best hunter tool no competition: opens up enemies for viscerals and sends several enemies flying.
By Anonymous
DogWalked Amygdala(Defiled) with Augur of Ebrietas, bait its moves and just "tap square to win" absolutely bonkers of a Hunter Tool only gave 20 ARC at the time of writing this, BL95
By Anonymous
Arcane parry........

...when SKILL fails you.
By Anonymous
Who needs skill when you have free backstabs
By Anonymous
I haven't timed it, but it actually seems to come out a bit faster than a charged R2, making it excellent for triggering backstabs.
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By minespatch
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Faster but also a bit slow from what I did during Marytr Logarius but timing right works great. I like using the whip form of my cane, so it's nice to have a tool that allows me to parry backstab without having to change my weapon.

By Anonymous
With 99 arcane against depth 5 naked regular mobs this does 891 damage. Most mobs seems to take 500-600+. Which with its range and the fact it can knock back most enemies OR open them up for "parries" It's pretty goddamn useful especially at end game. And it only takes 1 bullet which for its damage is pretty damn nice. Used correctly this thing dominates most mobs especially NPC hunters. I like trying a build like this when I want to rely heavily on arcane based gear and not so much on actual weapons. Gives a bit of a change and new view of the game and teaches you that these hunter tools can be good for most of the game including dungeons. 1 bullet with this is comparable to a gun with bone morrow ash without the ash used. Main draw backs of this tool is how open you are during the cast of it and its "spear" like radius and range. But with that said it's also capable of hitting multiple enemies!
By Anonymous
Ehhh if u got 99 ARC(or 99 anything, except END) you're in broken build territory anyways. Depth 5 is basically ng+. Good for a 150 glass cannon.
By Anonymous
Did you know if you hit micolash with this he moans louder? Such a game changer ngl.
By Anonymous
guess he likes tentacles