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By Anonymous
That last picture is very confusing. What is it?
By Anonymous
A nose and mouth, as seen under the iron mask.
By Cpt_Jack67
I think the term "Matron" is suitable for these creatures, and I prefer it to "Nanny". A matron is an authority figure to children at a boarding school, well known for scaring the crap out of misbehaving kids who are wandering out places they shouldn't be, especially at night. It has more stern and intimidating connotations. Maternity is, of course, one of BB's biggest themes. But I don't think these enemies act particularly nurturing. I don't think any name that suggests "caregiver" is appropriate for these guys. I vote "Iron Matron", or some variant, based on this and the breastplate/chain. I'd like to hear other people's thoughts!
By Anonymous
Or why not "Steel Matron". I like your interpretation of this character.
By Anonymous
I only wish they dropped the mask's they wore...
By Anonymous
They wear chainmail, plate armor, a horrifying mask, and wield a giant cleaver with chains.

The **** kinda nannies they are?!
By Anonymous
The best nannies. Eat your vegetables or perish
By Anonymous
i call this "the thicc mama"
By Anonymous
They are fairly easy to parry. Don give up!
By Anonymous
"I'll cleanse the bastard's curse"
By Anonymous
"Tormented Nanny" lol
By Anonymous
"Tormented nanny"? I guess babysitting Mergo must be a real..... nightmare
By Anonymous
No idea why, but these guys freak me out more than anything else in the game.