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By Anonymous
Do you need the impurity rune to summon queen killer? I had the Hunter one on and the only hunter summons i saw in layer 3 were the madman and olek.
By Anonymous
What an annoying obnoxious boss and quite pathetic compared the to **** the game makes us go through. She’s not even hard just gimmicky. 3/10 for me
By Anonymous
Yeah they went a little overboard on bosses that clone in this one right? Counting her you also had the nirse, living failures, and
By Anonymous
The part about the transformed Threaded Cane not causing the baby to cry is not true. I have to admit that the baby cried less, but sometimes, even if I got to approach her without the baby crying, the started chain-locking her with whip slashes, the baby started crying even if I did not stop attacking. I have stamina for about 9 hits and I can confirm 100% that the baby can start crying right in the middle of the hits even if I mash R1.
By Anonymous
This Boss is ****
By UndeddJester
If you're going for the trophy, you can skip straight to the final chalice dungeon by making chalice 3aqbyx95. After 4 chalice dungeons and being bored out of my skull... this find was a god send.
By Anonymous
super helpful, ty.
the levers aren't even far, areas aren't too bad. did it all in an hr or so.
By Anonymous
Bruh, that was easy AF. LOL Run up with my saw Spear in long form, heavy attack shoot her in face and do my critical hit attack. Throw knives at Clones rinse and repeat what my first attack pattern. Run heavy with saw spear cancels nearly all her attacks too. None of your strategies were required. I had poison runes on though but she hit me like twice with her poison spear shots so it didn't even matter if she did.
By Anonymous
Spent more time getting to this melanin-free, regal wifu than I did playing the entirety of the rest of the game.
By Anonymous
Has anyone offered the ring of betrothal to her?
By Anonymous
Wow, an actually good boss in the Chalice Dungeons. I didn't know this was allowed.
By Anonymous
And you only need to complete the rest of the boring asswhipe
By Anonymous
Holy Moonlight Sword transformed L2 pancakes this boss and completely trivializes this fight. Watch out for baby cry but rinse and repeat..
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