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Quite a disappointment. Took me at least 20 hours in the dungeons to get here, just to kill her on my first attempt by spamming R1 with kirkhammer sword. On the other hand it's a relief to finally get this achievement - hurray :)
Word up. This was way too easy. Id wish the dungeons scaled with ng+
Still confused on how to find this...
Nevermind i'm an idiot
I killed her with an infinite backstab chain with the rakuyo.
I spend 10 hous Just to find her and what did I get? A Useless stone. At least I finally got the platinum.
Keep crying baby
Finally, a reward from Bloodborne's dungeon running..
I managed to beat her at my first attemp. The L2 of the burial blade can avoid the baby cry if you do it at the maximum possible distance. Actually the real prize for this fight is the golden trophy:another step to the platinum :D
I wish this boss had an introductory cinematic when you reach her. Considering how important she is to the story and all the work to get to her.
I was really disappointed that she didn’t. I mean, her name IS Yharnam. I feel she has a lot of significance to the story.
I think this is the only decent boss in the dungeons. She isn't the hardest, but then again, in my opinion, she's the only one that's well-designed. No janky hitboxes, no unclear aoe, no absurd amounts of tracking on her attacks. Also, her gimmick's enjoyable and it's touching as well as unsettling to see dead Mergo still protect his mother. Much more memorable experience than the rest, who often have little reason to be there or be given the importance of a boss fight in the first place.
Anyone else notice that her clones are not visibly pregnant like she is? That's how you can pick her out amongst them.
Usually she’d be easily distinguishable because one of bloodier than the rest
Did anyone else get a blood rock from defeating her? I just got one today along with the Yharnam stone.
I got 2 chunks. A rock would have been nice!