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For finishing this fight without taking any damage you just need to use rakuyo and backstab her. Then do a visceral attack and while she tries to get up backstab her again and do a visceral attack again. Repeat this until she dies. (I am not sure about it but i think you can do this with any weapon that has long backstab range).
Particularly possible with almost any weapon so long as you have the hunter of hunters oath rune and the unspecified weapon at +10, it is best to pick a weapon with low stamina consumption per. Charge attack, as some have insane costs, like the moonlight sword or the burial blade, the Kirk hammer and the Ludwig's holy blade among others
She really is not that hard.
Haven't fought her yet but shouldn't be to difficult seeing how I'm on ng+ and lv 159 stats are spred decent. A hunter against the mother of all menstrual here I come XD
It's an abortion, actually
It took me like 10 hours to get to her through all these stupid dungeons, but it was worth it -
Is Yharnam's pregnancy by great one a reference to HP Lovecraft's book, the Dunwich Horror, where Lavinia Whateley the albino is impregnated by Yog-sothoth with Wilbur? Just a though because I was reading the book :o
Seeing how a lot of Bloodborne is inspired by anime and Lovecraftian themes, it is possible
Bloodborne's lore is a mashup of quite a few Lovecraftian themes. The biggest and most obvious is Shadow Over Innsmouth, but you are right that Dunwich Horror also plays into it. Good catch.
"Bloodborne is inspired by anime" Explain. And don't just say it's inspired from "Berserk". That isn't just anime.
Killed her at bl 80 ng+3 today. Think it's funny she's the easiest boss by far in that dungeon. Bloodletting Beast and pthumerian descendant are 10x harder.
are the chalices made more difficult when you advance the ng+ level? their progress is preserved and I cant find any stats that change when the ng+ level changes.
NG+ levels do not affect chalice dungeon difficulty or blood echo reward.
Or just use the rakuyo, it stunlocks her to death. She can't do anything except for the baby stun when you spam r1 with a transformed rakuyo, repeat until dead.
doppio parry
The Painting Girl from Ariandel created Yharnam as the next painted world, this queen is her as an adult.

Go nuts.
Aside from all of the other obvious reasons why that can't be, the girl said it was to be a *cold*, dark, and gentle place. All the other painted worlds are covered in snow, yharnam is not.
Cainhurst is covered in snow and the cainhurst nobles have many links to the Pthumerians, perhaps the painted girl is Annalise, Queen of the Vilebloods?
Y'all are idiots.


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Shame that her outfit and weapon aren't playable. If they had been, I'd imagine her weapon would behave similar to the Chikage in terms of element but behave like the Holy Moonlight Sword in terms of transformation. As for the attire, it would likely have had high blood resistance but low frenzy resistance (she does go berserk in the fight). Just saying from a Fashion Souls standpoint, Bloodborne really could've used more armors to choose from.
this very much should have happened. from may not disappoint often but when they do its a huge disappointment.
I noticed something neat a while back, but I guess I never posted it here. If you tilt the camera down where Queen Yharnam is in Mergo's Loft, you can see that the way her dress fans out at the bottom looks unmistakably like a sea shell. Sea shell imagery is highly prominent in Bloodborne, and there's even a relief of a woman standing on a shell in Cainhurst. Plus there's the connection to the Fishing Hamlet and the ocean and Kos, but that's a little too much to discuss right now...
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