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Just really tanky
I encountered a glitch when fighting her. After a backstabbing visceral attack she got stuck in the center area and couldn't move.
Like with most of the bosses attack, attack and attack again.Staying agressive pays off. Not sure if you have noticed but only the real Queen has the baby bump the fake ones don't ...
That's how I dealt with her if anybody's interested;)
I just beat her first try, basicly just get behind her and use a charged R2 followed up by a visceral, walk up to her while she's on the ground and charge your R2 again, by the time she gets up she's ready for another visceral attack, rince and repeat, she didn't even get a chance do to anything.
Every time I enter the boss fog the baby doesn't stop crying. When I say this, I mean non-stop crying. It never gives me a break to hit her. So I can't get anywhere near her. This game is *****ing garbage.
Calm you tits guys
*****ing casual lmao
Stay salty
Calm you tits guys
Salty about a glitch? You're a *****ing idiot.
Oh *****, salt incoming.
Really enjoyed it. She has quite unique combat style and keeps you on the edge of your seat for the whole fight.
To easily discern the real one form fakes, look at their dresses - the real one is most bloodied, others have only usual bloodstain from belly dawn. The best way to make those disappear is to shoot them.
Later on she's the only one with a Blood sword too.
This boss makes me wish we would have had bloodtinge magic like she did if we joined the vilebloods. Such a missed oppotunity.
Also this boss is piss easy. She packs a punch but all her attack are easily didged and can be stun locked with impuny esp if you got a summon
Almost all bosses of this series are easy with summons, sadly.
Have the the supplies needed, but the game says I can't use the code above. is there a reason for this?
Nvm, didn't realize you had to set your own up first.
You can summon Old Hunter Queens Slayer even without downloading the Dlc
I struggled with the bosses that came before her and was quite anxious to start this fight, but felt as an easy push over and expected more of it.
Her child is not dead but the son of formless oden. That's why you hear a baby crying when the red moon rises. She may have died in child birth so she stays in the nightmare to be with her child.
Mergo, her son is dead too. The Yharnam stone looks like a fossilized baby. Thats the real body of Mergo. Its only in the nightmare that this baby can sustain itself, or rather its soul.
Blood stones have this description, after death a substance in the blood hardens. That which does not crystalize becomes stone. The Yharnam stone may be still born Mergo, as every great one loses its child.