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By Anonymous
Is it possible the Moon Presence's name is Paleblood? After all, the first note after waking up in Iosefka's Clinic says, "Seek Paleblood to transcend the hunt," and is labeled "Handwritten scrawl." None of the other notes are indicated to be "handwritten," so I think it could be safely assumed that the good hunter wrote the note him/herself, but doesn't remember (see the lore on the Foreign Garb set). Furthermore, one of the notes in the Lecture Building says, "The nameless Moon Presence beckoned by Laurence and his associates. Paleblood," and is in the same location as a note that says, "Hunt the Great Ones. Hunt the Great Ones." This would seem to indicate that Paleblood (the Moon Presence) must be hunted to transcend the hunt, which if successfully executed ends the blood moon (which is noted to be a "Paleblood sky" in Yahar'gul) and allows the hunter to become an Infant Great One. Though this may be irrelevant to the post, I also happen to think the Doll is the Great One that conceived the Hunter's Dream (if injured, she bleeds Great One-colored blood, and upon arriving at the Old Abandoned Workshop for the first time, one receives the "Source of the Dream" trophy, and the Doll is found inside the workshop), and the good hunter is her surrogate child [I can only assume the hunter's mother is the surrogate, if this is the case (indicating a Cainhurst connection? The Great Ones seem to favor descendants of Cainhurst as their surrogates)]. After all, defeating the Moon Presence does not end the Hunter's Dream, just the blood moon, as defeating Micolash, the Host of the Nightmare, and Mergo's Wet Nurse does not obliterate the Nightmare of Mensis, meaning something else had to have created the Nightmare, right? Though I suppose after a time, the Dream and the Nightmare could exist without their creators, since killing the Wet Nurse seems to kill Mergo in turn [or at least silence...him/her? (Mergo sounds like a girl's name to me)], and the Nightmare goes on, assuming Mergo is the Nightmare's creator. (Lots of assumptions, I know.) Thoughts?
By Anonymous
Is it just me or is this guy easy as *****
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By Rakuyo
I was just editing this page, adding pictures, and it crashed. I can't reset it and the page remains completely empty.
Admin assistance required, please help.
By ArtorilausLaucardius
Not dodged, per se, but if you put a large amount of distance from you and Presence, it seems to fall of abs not hit. That, or it wasn't aimed towards me.
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By Rakuyo
No problem, I used a different method and it reseted just fine.
By Mx-Sk
Great Uploads. If I might ask, where is that Moon Presence statue located? I don't think I've seen it before and I don't recognize the texture on the arch.
By Anonymous
after I killed gehrman, I had no blood vials left so I quit the game and re entered it so I could refill. when the game loaded back up I was still inside the boss arena with the moon presence but it wasn't doing anything, it was just sitting there watching me. I started attacking and it didn't fight back for some reason. although no health bar showed up the game let me kill it with no trouble. If you wanted to try this, I quit the game a split second before it was about to hit me and that was when it stopped I guess.
By Anonymous
A lot of the lore seems better off in other pages, such as the speculation about Mergo and stuff.
By Anonymous
Fought this guy the third time. Disabled blood vial and I was down to 1 HP. It's HP was at 10-12%. Threw a molotov at it, hit it's head, and it staggered him. Visceral Attack for a final blow. Not sure how you exactly stagger it, but I got freakin' lucky!
By Anonymous
Haven't seen any lore hunters mention this yet, but I noticed it myself being a kaiju fan - Moon Presence seems to take some inspiration from Irys (or Iris), the titular kaiju from Gamera 3: Revenge of Irys. A couple of the shots from the cut scene are composed almost exactly the same, and there are some design similarities like the tentacles. Might be worth checking out the film if you're curious. At one point Irys absorbs someone and she enters a "dream" or a hallucination where she's back in her lost family home.
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