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They reminded of the prophecy Grampa made in the Simpsons movie.



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It seems to have the same moves as the smaller(relative) pigs. It'a charge can break the pillars in the room, but it can be staggered and visceral attacked just like a regular pig. When you are behind it you can just stun lock it. Charge R2 when behind it, and then visceral. You should be able to start charging again after you finish and still hit it. Rinse, repeat.

Moves i've seen.

Long distance charge, belly flop, head flail. I imagine it has a poison breath attack too.
The deceptively solid looking columns the first time you encounter this boss was definitely a nice touch. You'll be like "there's no way he'll be able to get me all the way back here... hurr hurr... OH F-"


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I had some problems getting behind it quick enough. So just like anything bacon or pork related. You should cook it with the flamesprayer. The weapon does massive damage in seconds. I hope this helps whoever.
Faced it for the first time to day and thought I was safe behind those pillars a loss of 25k echo's showed I was wrong an cost me a controller
So this Slab of pork has some Kick to it... Literally. My hunger got Nailed in the chest with a back kick when I went for a backstab. New move (for me) from the previous piglets
He's really easy.

He's just the standard enemy with extra health

As a standard mob it can be considered tough especially in small areas but as a single boss in an open area?

don't backstab it, you'll regret it
Shoulder deep within the borderline...



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not if you have Burial Blade
This game
If you own a cane you can own this pig :)
Found this boss in Rotten Lower Ailing Loran layer 2 :D
I just ran to the back, towards the pit. When he charged, I rolled out of the way, and he fell down. I didn't see the need to actually fight the ***** thing.
Easy.+ stupid. Beat it on first try