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this thing looks like it should weigh more than some greatswords in DS, but our guy swings it like it weighs nothing. further proof that the hunter is the most chad souls protag
By Anonymous
Different power system. In dark souls the gods are in decay but in bloodborne you fight great ones on their home turf. The lord of hollows ending does however elevate the ashen one to the same level as the reborn hunter
By Anonymous
Until now, I have no idea what happens to the hilt and the cross guard and where the string suddenly comes out when this thing transforms
By Anonymous
It's the stuff inside. Like where you hold it.
By Anonymous
There are identical hollow spaces in the flat of each arm of the bow when the blade transforms. I think they the form a container when the blade is together, where the bow mechanism folds into in sword mode. I would guess the hilt and cross guard form part of that mechanism when the sword transforms.
By Anonymous
Shout-out to the Bowblade for making Amygdala, Ebrietas and Watchdog feel like fair fights.
By Anonymous
Never seen this discussed anywhere, but the floral motifs on the hilt and along the blade are the same as on the Chikage, Maria's Set and the Knight's Set, suggesting the Bowblade, too, was made in Cainhurst. Which makes sense from a lore perspective. Vilebloods used blood weapons, and during Simon's time they weren't at odds with the Healing Church yet. I love this game.
By Anonymous
"Simon despised firearms, and so the Church workshop had this specially fashioned to his liking. "
By Anonymous
Yeah, they "had this fashioned" at Cainurst. Otherwise they would've simply fashioned it themselves.
By Anonymous
this is kind of reaching, tbh. the design is pretty reasonably within the standard of other similarly elaborate designs throughout the setting without necessarily being from Cainhurst, and nothing in the game suggests a link whatsoever. "had this fashioned specially to his liking" only implies that the workshop tweaked it painstakingly to measure up to the hunter's standard, and if not, it probably would have specified a location or that the Church itself ordered the design, rather than the workshop whose job it was to forge the weapons in the first place. It scales with bloodtinge when transformed because you're literally using arrows tipped/coated with QS bullets which contain your (tainted) blood. This is probably just a case of the localization team using flowery language, and any lore link would be established in the original Japanese text, which, by nature of the language, would specifically differentiate whether it was forged by the Church or a third party at their request.

"The simplest explanation is usually the correct one." FROM doesn't play 4D chess with its descriptions or designs as much as people like to believe.
By Anonymous
Nah, it's not reaching at all. The floral motifs on the weapon are literally the same as on every other Cainhurst piece, and you don't find those elsewhere. Start up the game right now and look at their models. Bloodborne weapon design and worldbuilding is, in fact, very elobarate. It's not even "4D chess." It's a simple visual connection. I don't understand how that's beyond your imagination when things like the Oto Workshop or the Choir's blindfold caps that imitate Master Willem's exist in the lore.
By Anonymous
Also, the point wasn't that it specifically stated the Church had it made by someone else. It was that the description is unclear about this.
By Anonymous
Pretty sure the blade of the sword should be curved towards the opposite direction for it to cut effectively, pretty cool weapon regardless
By Anonymous
Actually the design is relatively similar to a shovel type weapon, or the ancient Celtic Falcata though the end of the blade is too thin to cut with thr axe momentum of the celtic sword... anyway, all curved blades are designed for cutting flesh, so which way its facing isn't as important as user skill
By Anonymous
Its incredible you talk about weapons practical design in from software game XD
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Awesome weapon for co-op. Your summon/summoner distracts and you pelt them with arrows in the back.
By Anonymous
If you think the bow is bad, then you have not seen the evelyn on a bloodtinge build
By Anonymous
The sword part is pretty good. It legit out-damages some other dex weaapons, not sure why people think its underwhelming
By Anonymous
peepee poopoo cOwArDs WeApOn

Try dodging instead of catching the arrows in your face lol
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