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By Anonymous
i played elden ring and dark souls 3 before bloodborne yet cannot even get 1/4 of this guys health is it intended that you first have to level up big time or what i literally cannot even slightly damage him wtf?
By Anonymous
Use molotovs and oil urn, when u run out use chargwrd R2 to his hed when he completes ground poumd attack animtion
By Anonymous
Dad did not beat him and has attempted many times
Beat him on my 3rd try
I was 12
It was both of ours first souls game
By Anonymous
Ez win
By Anonymous
just mainly stayed under his ballsacks and was able to dodge most attacks
By Anonymous
Beat this guy first try. He was very easy after killing that fat executioner in central yharnam
By Anonymous
I can’t even find him I’m finding Father G before him, where the duck is that bridge?
By Anonymous
spawn at central yharnam go past everynbody to the fountain keep moving forward up the stairs and turn right past the two werewolves u must be *** at wheres waldo
By Anonymous
If The Cleric Beast ever got Married he would probaly marry Vicar Amelia
By Anonymous
Nah he wouldnt becasue she is already mine.
By Anonymous
yeah i think they would make a good couple and laurence can be the Grandfather because Vicar Amelia was like a daughter to him.
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