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Otherwise known as saying "screw you guys, I'm just gonna run past you." Well said.

Seriously, the wolf guys aren't tough, but those worms they spawn are aggravating. How hard is it to hit these things?
Just kill them with fire, it'll prevent the worms from getting out :)
Hate this ***** things
Yeah, killing the wolves with fire or a Visceral Attack will prevent the worms from spawning at all, but in case that doesn't work I find the Threaded Cane in whip mode is excellent for striking small enemies on the ground....unless they get RIGHT under your feet.
(Eu Tyto Alba)
I dunno why but my frenzy is only a quarter filled and I'm losing health worse then when i am poisoned why?
When you reach the point where, if you're not in cover, the light from the castle frenzies you, I found a good strategy is to rolls you take little to no damage while the spears are skewering you.
This page is woefully incomplete, and the area description fits Nightmare of Mensis area more than Mergo's Loft: Base. Please update this page.