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By Anonymous
>be completely optional
>be one of the most difficult fights in the game
>have basically no lore
>have one of the best boss themes, if not the best boss theme
>refuse to elaborate
By Anonymous
This ****er is the bane of my existence.
By Anonymous
genuinely one of my favourite boss encounters. always stuck with me for whatever reason.
By Anonymous
Love spending 10+ minutes fighting patiently, rolling well, hitting his head. Just to be one shot by a near instant AoE. What a great boss!
By Anonymous
Whoever thought this boss was a good idea deserves to have a splintering wooden spoon stuck up their ***
By Anonymous
who put 124842 echoes because the defiled version drops 67776. someone please update!
By Anonymous
This guy is like being punched in the **** over and over again, but not in the fun way.
By Anonymous
I must have died 50-70 times. It was a complete nightmare and one of the hardest fights in the entire series. What eventually allowed me to do it was 3 things; 1: A Church Pick +8. IMO The Church Pick is the best weapon for the fight. Mainly because of it's super long reach, it's running R2 overhead attack and, for some reason, it's serration damage. If getting the DLC is an option for you, DO IT! 2. Empty Phantasm Shell and Bolt Paper. Bolt Paper works well but it's pretty expensive and is a pain to have to farm echoes when making many attempts. Phantasm Shell is unlimited and it adds just that extra bit of damage that really adds up over the long battle. 3. Practice. No seriously. Just doing it over and over and over until you learn the exact timing and spacing for every attack on your side and his. It takes a long time to get it down just right, but eventually it will become second nature and you'll get it right just by feel. Lastly, pray it uses it's charge attack as little as possible. 95-98% of my deaths were a 1 shot from that charge. Good luck! And do.not. give up
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