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By Anonymous
Whoever put this in the defiled chalice needs to be burned alive
By Anonymous
Beat it first try in cursed chalice. Whirlgig +10 lets gooooo
By Anonymous
i also have wirli plus 10 and he's just as hard as OOK
By Anonymous
Defiled version is a pain. The best strategy for me was to stay in front of him, bait his easy attacks and hit his head as described here. Once you hit him a few times he will fall on the ground, hit him twice, dodge away. From that moment you will deal massive damage. I have a feeling he starts the one-hit-kill charge attack mainly if you go away from him, so try to just go forward, hit him, dodge 1x backwards, repeat. Learning the timings is the key here so dont be discouraged if you die a lot. A gamechanger for me personally was a switch from Ludwig's sword to Whirlgig saw. R1 of this weapon is perfect for this fight, you can hit him way more consistently. I couldnt do it with Ludwig but I did it with the saw easily. Good luck hunters.
By Anonymous
I just beat the defiled version after countless tries. My strategy was to use untransformed +10 axe and stick pretty close to his left side. That allows you to dodge through most of his attacks and stay close enough to hit once, eventually breaking his legs. I let him have it during the vomit.

When you enter the room you can run directly towards him and use a R2 with the axe, if you are fast you can also do a R1 hit before having to dodge the charge.

Toughest boss so far because of the curse.
By Anonymous
Just cant be greedy with this guy. Learn the tells for the charge and AoE attack and you should never get one shot.

I’d recommend finding a root glyph where he is the L1 boss and running that a couple times risk free to learn his moveset.
By Anonymous
this dog look like the beast on the pathway in DS3
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By Ahkirah
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Anyone comparing this guy to Sif is crazy. Sif is a good boy who fights with honor... this literal b*tch in heat just knocks me over like a great dane running over a toddler to go get a ball someone threw, its bullsh*t. Dammit I hate this fight.
By Anonymous
This boss can be either incredibly hard or trivially easy depending on how it's approached. If you try to stay close to it and fight it normally, you're going to have a bad day. However, if you stay a little bit in front of it at all times and bait out the bite attacks it becomes almost insultingly easy especially if you have an attack with long enough range (e.g. tricked hunter's axe R2, tricked cane jumping attack etc). You can remain outside of the range of the bite attack and just time your attacks to hit its head as its recovering from the attack. The only thing you really have to worry about with this strategy is the charge attack and the attack where he performs a rapid series of bites while moving forward (the latter is really only a threat if you're not paying attention). I went from losing to the defiled watchdog 50+ times to beating it first try once I switched to this strategy and I've never lost to it since.
By Anonymous
Man this thing was kicking my *** but i tried your strat just to see how it would go, it was way too easy, took me three tries for me to adjust to his moves, i used the hunter axe tricked form while staying in front of it, when it bites to your left it will hardly follow it up so its safe to do one R1 or two, if it bites to your right and you are close enough it will always follow up with a second bite, its consecutive bite i would backstep, spacing it just right and charge R2 timing it to the ending of its bite animation, sometimes both slashes would hit causing some decent damage. On my last run it hardly did its charge attack but it would be easy to dodge if you always wait for it to act before attacking.
By Anonymous
Look out for dog
By Anonymous
hot dog
By Anonymous
You can't really hate him because his music is so goddamn good
By Anonymous
This boss is actually really easy after a few tries cause he telegraphs his attacks so much and it's easy to bait him into doing his diagonal bite attacks. You just dodge, hit his head, dodge, hit his head, and repeat. 2 dodges to the side when he telegraphs the charge attack. Don't bother getting under him or going for the legs cause he has that ******* AOE attack, but he'll never do it if you bait out the bite and the charge attack. Beat him aft 20 tries 30 vit 50 str 50 arc moonlight greatsword+10
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