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By Anonymous
After literally 1000+ chalice dungeons finished, this boss ain't that hard
but of course i understand why y'all hate it, first 50 times against that bad boy was annoying as ****
By Anonymous
Nah, you are dumb if you think any other boss in the entire game is harder than this thing in Defiled Dungeon. Not a single boss took me more than 3 tries to beat throughout the entire game. But this ***** took well over 20
By danielpb04
How do you dodge his long distance jump attack? That thing one shots me.
By Anonymous
counterintuitively you gotta run into the god and dodge into it so iframes(time you are invincible while dodging) kick in and you are safe while dog literally flies though you
By Anonymous
I'ma be honest this fight is pretty easy. His attacks are very predictable and easy to dodge. Little weird that he becomes the tankiest boss in the game in the defiled chalice but it's genuinely not even a problem.
He also looks cool.
By Anonymous
Nearly 2023, let’s do this.
If you have the dlc, level up Beasthunter Saif as much as possible and use it transformed. Phantasm Shell is your best friend since it all depends on your QS Bullets quantity. Olek is a good summon for distraction until he dies, I managed to get the boss to it’s 3rd stage fairly quickly before Olek died. Target the back legs as much as possible whilst Olek gets pummelled in front. Any chance you get once Watchdog is stunned, get at least one charged attack before booking it. Once Olek dies it’s all up to you to get behind the boss and repeat. PS, some of the Saifs attacks whip round the back of your character which can occasionally damage the Watchdogs head whilst you’re chilling near its legs. Not the best method but it’s one to try out.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Honestly, this is the only boss I have issue with. I just don't understand how to hit him. Whip strat does not work for me, I am almost always out of range. If he doesn't hit me I miss, if I hit him it's cause I got hit. It doesn't help this chalice nerfs my health. 99 points into Vitality for nothing.
By Anonymous
Like Seriously, this chalice is a complete counter to my build.
By Anonymous
LOLOLOL No wonder I was losing, I was following these strategies. "Whip" HAHAHAHA Troll post, I got baited. I pulled out my Saw Spear and solo'd this boss so easily. I should have known the obvious answer was one of the best weapons in the game.
By Anonymous
Don’t miss. The whip strat always works if you know anything about spacing
By Anonymous
Frustrating boss, but not that bad. Really nice song.
Tips that helped me out:
Play slow stay in front of him dodge backwards and don't proc legs before half health.
By Anonymous
i killed it more than 50 times and it still annoys the **** out of me
By Anonymous
This isn't fun. This is my last soulsborne game to platnum and the only other boss that has taken me multiple days was the Dancer of Boreal Valley, but at least that was a FUN fight to learn.

I know all the Watchdog's moves. I know the pacing. I'm using a long range lightning infused mele. I'm summoning the queen killer. None of this matters at all if he charges at the wrong time. 'Git gud' is a great feeling but it only works if you're the reason you're losing. This is RNG. The goal is to go the whole fight without his heavy attacks clipping you from five feet away. You'll come close, but eventually your luck runs out.

I have work in the morning. It sucks losing my free time to what feels like gambling.
By Anonymous
Try doing a charged R2 on his hind legs? You'll make him fall flat on his face if you do that and get some free hits on him.
By Anonymous
There’s a massive tell for the charge. Just pay attention.
By Anonymous
the charge is the easiest attack too dodge... The only one that's BS is the Cone of Flames crap.
By Anonymous
Am i the only one who thinks this boss isn't that hard??? I had more trouble with Moon Presence tbh LMAO
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Bait post. This is easily the hardest Boss (Defiled Dungeon Version) in gaming history.
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