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By Anonymous
I beat him first try level 47 with the two handed axe. dodge, counter, back off, rinse and repeat.
By Anonymous
Garbage boss
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Doggy :)
By Anonymous
worst thing to come out of video games
By Anonymous
If you're a purist, your best bet is to take him head on, bait and outspace his bites and swipes, and punish with ONE hit to the head. It's absolutely a war of attrition, which is what makes this fight so frustrating. Bloodborne doesn't really give you the tools to play slow and attritionally.

If you just want to get to QY already, just summon Queen Killer, slap a bolt paper on, and DPS his legs non stop while watching aggro and dodging his AoEs.
By Anonymous
Hello, this is 2021. I just wanted to add my 2 cents on this f***er.
I have a combo of chikage and simon's bowblade as my weapons of choice, running a level 144 skill and bloodtinge build. I must have tried around 30 times, never even gettin him to 50 %.
Now, I finally give up, I go and get enough precious ressources, including a blood rock, to get my cane to level 10 and use his waknesses against him.
And I got him in 2 tries. People, getting serrated damage and a long-*** weapon is the key. Skill will only take you so far, but thoses 2 will get you to victory. Trust me, I know.
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By Deeznutz717
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If your bloodtinge is 50, you coulda cheesed him with the bowblade.
By Anonymous
Can i parry him?
By Anonymous
Not that I know of, but you can interrupt his charge if you shoot him during it.
By Anonymous
The Burial Blade's transformed L2 is great for piercing its head after it tries to snap at you. Once its "armor" broke, each hit did just under 2k damage.
By Anonymous
"Hmmm, when should we make this boss available to players... I know, right after blood starved beast!" - ****soft
By Anonymous
Hello fellow Hunters , i'll give you the Best outcome Loadout for this nasty Watchdog Fight ( Specialy the Defiled Chalice Watchdog Boss where you have 50% Reduced HP/Health )... Ok so i call this the Anti-Nuke Loadout or Anti-One Shot considering you have Little HP no matter what BL you are anyways.. Ok so for the Loadout Weapon here , i use Ludwig's Holy Blade +10 with Evelyn +10 ( Ludwigs Holy Blade has to always he Short Sword Mode "Untransformed". For swift attacks & less Stamina ).... Your Gear/Armor should always be the Charred Hunter Attire/Set , use all Charred Hunter Set with the Hunter's Hat ( Charred Hunter Garb , Gloves & Trousers )... Okay now for your Runes , 1st Rune equip the Clock Meta for that "10% increase to HP" , 2nd Rune equip the Lake Rune for a "Physical Damage Red.+3%" , Final Rune should have to be the Great Lake Rune to sync with the Lake Rune & stack up ( Great Lake Rune is actually Manditory here , it gives "All Damage Reduction +4%" as it also strengthens your Arcane , Fire & Bolt resistences with also all Physical Damage Taken aswell.... Now with this Loadout you should have ( 304 Physical Damage Reduction as total , and a Solid 338 Fire Resistance with the Charred Set & Great Lake Rune ). This Loadout/Set will make your Hunter actually Survive a single Fire Nuke/Blast from the Watchdog Boss during the Defiled Chalice encounter. ( As Watchdog in Defiled also has insanely more HP rather than the normal Central Pthumeru encounter ).... Finally for the Cryll Rune , i always recommend going with the Hunter of Hunter's Rune you get from Aileen for that "Stamina Recovery Speed UP". ( With this loadout , that should make strafing & baiting attacks more forgiving while dealing decent quick damage in & out )... Now before i wrap this up , having Evelyn +10 also becomes handy during this Fight when you use it. Also grab the "Empty Phantasm Shell" to Buff your short Holy Blade with a good +80 Flat Arcane Damage.. ( Watchdog is also weak to Arcane & Bloodtinge keep that in mind ). For Items to bring , go with the Phantasm Shell for buffs & also bring alot of "Bone Marrow Ashes" these Bone Ashes will make Evelyn shots deal more damage , while also gives the probability to knock the Watchdog Boss's Head spot for weaken it... Aside from that , you should have a Total of 825 HP in a Cursed/Defiled Chalice instead of a 750 HP. ( Always equip Clock Wise Metamorphisis for that 10% HP or 15% HP if you already have it... The Great Lake Rune is also very needed in this Fight & also the fight before this Old Lord fight.. and finally Lake Rune for better overall Bonus Phys.Defense ). Goodluck Hoonters , this Loadout will Guarantee you from doing a much more easier or a Forgiving Watchdog Fight in this Defiled Chalice with a reduced -50% Health/Vitality.
By Anonymous
I forgot to mention this , but if you have 50 Vitality which is the highest Hard Cap ( 1500 HP for the Hunter ). With Defiled Chalice you'll only have 750 HP , but with the Clock Wise Meta Rune ( That 1500 will instead be 1650 ). As overall in the Dungeon it would be 825 HP which is good to survive Nuke attacks from this Boss definitely
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