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This boss at Defiled Chalice isn't big deal. He is fair in some sorts but -50% HP debuff is joke. Like no mistakes allowed. Hate it.
I was worried this thing would be difficult but it was one of the few bosses I slayed my first attempt. I kept running around the pillars back and forth catching it from behind.


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You are gonna regret saying that once you get to defiled chalice
Umm i got no blood echoes at all or just 3000 what the hell happened i just got the central chalice??
I got 3000 blood echos as well, but I got the pthumeru chalice, it's weird
Defiled dungeon, summoned by someone else, fire damage reduction rune, all damage reduction rune, increased max hp rune, increased health during coop rune, charred armor set. Got 1-shot by a charge attack. OH COME ON! At least the controller is ok.
Remember that it's a beast, so serrated weapons are ideal. As the article says, Saw Spear is good for this fight on account of its range (Saw Cleaver loses its serration bonus when extended), but the other choice weapons are Threaded Cane and Church Pick. Focus attacks on its head, and bait its standard bite attacks. Keep pedaling back, attacking only when you're sure it's done with a combo, which may consist of up to two slow bites, then a third, much more abrupt bite. The series of flaming nibbles is also easy to punish, but be careful not to stay too close (it has longer range than you'd think). Once its noggin cracks and starts leaking lava, you know you're on the right track. Pretty simple, just intimidating at first.

If you happen to find it as a standard enemy in a cursed dungeon patrolling a swamp full of oil... Pray.
An easy way to beat it is to upgrade the reiterpallasch to +5 and thensaw spear (at least +5) and keep your distance as you embed qs bullets from the reiterpallasch into it, then switch to the saw spear when you run out of qs bullets, wait for it to use a slower attack, then punish, took me a little under 4 minutes
Does anyone else notice how the sulyvahn beast from dark souls looks kinda like this? Something tells me they were based on it
They are the same, one has a longer tail and is on fire but they are the same. Many of the chalice dungeon enemies are from dark souls and are embered. The keeper of the old lords are ashen ones.
This is the shiny version of sullyvahn beast
The charge can be interrupted with executioners gloves
One of the easiest tactics is to get Church Pick, bait his attack and counter it with FIRST attack. Only first. Slam his head without mercy and his easier than most bosses :/