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The werewolf enemy with the torch near the forbidden forest lamp ( behind your spawn normally) dropped one twin shard.
Out of the 35 i killed yesterday i got 23 Twin blood stone shards. I dont really call that rare... Or my luck is just amazing! :D


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I'll test this today, and possibly make some changes. Thanks for letting me know.
The snatcher in the cathedral hall won't take me any suggestions
Snatchers will often drop 2 single Blood Stone Shards. I was getting 1 Twin out of every 3 Snatchers while doing some 45 minutes of farming in the Hypogean Gaol.
I was fortunate to have the spiky dogs at Hemwick drop them a couple times. This was before I even defeated Vicar Amelia or the Bloodstarved Beast.
The regular and twin shards can be dropped by the demon dogs with the spikes in them before the hemwick charnel lane lamp.
There is one twin shard before Hemwick Charnel if you follow the right side all the way around. Hidden from view behind a rock and grave stones.
I haven't got the Cosmic Eye Watcher Badge but i can buy twin shards in the insight shop. Might have unlocked after Rom but not certain?
Nightmare Yeti creatures drop them reasonably frequently. Very easy to farm after you've gotten rid of the Mother Brain at Nightmare of Mensis!
you can avtually BUY TWIN BLOOD STONE SHARDS from the messengers, but you need the cosmic eye watcher badge, you can get this from a dead bodie in the upper cathedral ward in one of the thin corridores
Confirmed, drops very frequently. Use the lamp at the bottom of Mergo's base, kill the Yeti's one by one and make sure they don't fall off. Easy blood echo farming + twin bloodstone shards!
Also, best to do with mother brain lowered into the pit of doom.
Thank you! I found it a lot easier to farm here. So far I've been able to get multiple drops(x3) per Yeti. Discovery attribute currently at 270 with eye runes equipped at two memory slots.


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Changed availability in messenger baths to 'defeat Rom, the Vacuous Spider' as this is the actual trigger and not 'obtain the Cosmic Eye Watcher Badge"
I think you need the badge in order to buy them with Blood Echoes, after you've defeated Rom, they're only available for purchase in the insight shop.
I think you need the badge in order to buy them with Blood Echoes, after you've defeated Rom, they're only available for purchase in the insight shop.
When it says beasts from chapel, what beasts, specifically?
the 'beasts' that are referred to are those dark brutes with the bags on their shoulders.
I think it's referring to the zombie beasts in the chapel basement that appear after defeating Rom. They very commonly drop twin shards and sometimes even chunks.
I think we're talking about the Yahar'Gul Chapel, AKA Hypogean Gaol.
I found 2 twin blood stone shards in hemwick chanel lake, not too far from the first lamp, no one mentioned it, so if you want you could add it
Edit: i got 10 twin blood stone shards in hemwick, don't know why nobody wrote it in the wiki, someone should add it
I can already purchase twin shards for 2 insight and I do not have the Cosmic Eye Watcher Badge. The requirements must be different between the Insight bath and messenger bath.



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It was unlocked for me after beating Rom.