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By Anonymous
I tried this on a whim and it performed so well that I made it my main weapon. It's moveset is fantastic and varied, especially with the running r1s and r2s. The second hit follow ups on the transformed r2s just make me love this weapon even more. Is anything particularly weak to blunt damage? No. Can it be buffed? No, but you won't find a better bonking stick in the game.
By Anonymous
Probably my favorite weapon
By Anonymous
It is cool
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Does this weapon even fit with an Arcane Build if you are not going to Level 323472893747854 ?
I mean, you should definitely have 50 strength for the weapon, that is to much for a arcane build, isnt it ? And the Arcane Damage only in the transformed mode is not that high to begin with.
How should i operate fellow Hoonters ?
By Anonymous
Yeah, this weapon is mostly strength, but if you’re doing a str/arc build it can actually fit pretty well with stuff like the HMS and boom hammer.
By Anonymous
It’s a good str/arc weapon, but doesn’t fit that well in a mostly arcane build.
By Anonymous
Thank you both guys !! It’s doing pretty good in my strength arcane run so far. I just hope the DPS doesn’t drop in the late game with the 21% norishing gems :)
By Anonymous
One of the few weapons that scales best with strength all the way to 50, then 25 arcane>25 skill>50 arcane. I think the awkward scaling is why you see it so rarely... being a weird chicken wing in a game with much cooler weapons probably doesn't help lol
By Anonymous
Cooler weapons? Where?
By Anonymous
I like the giant club in souls games, but i thought i would not see something like it in bloodbor e, but I was wrong
By Anonymous
Try finger but hole
By Anonymous
It's quite possibly the funniest weapon in the game... well, besides the wheel. This little arm, however morbid, has a personality in transformed mode. In untransformed you bash it on the ground aimlessly like a caveman which is also very funny. Is it good thou? No. Not really. There's plenty of weapons that do what it's doing, but better and more efficiently. But what don't these 'better' versions not have? Laugh factor. Which may or may not be a dealbreaker for me.
16/20 points
Describe in One Word? "Funny."
By Anonymous
It's is competitive with even some of the top tier weapons but you need really good gems.
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