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If you activate this item in chalice dungeon rooms where there is a big bell, it will actually ring the bell just like it would if you were to hit the bell.
Glitch or the bell magically resonates with the music I'd bet on the former
I heard using the tiny music box after defeating Mergo's Wet Nurse whilst the baby is crying will instead make it laugh. Has anyone done this to confirm/deny the occurrence?
Could tie in to the music box playing a similar tune to Mergo's Wet Nurse theme.
This in fact works. I confirmed it.
If you use it on the dead body of the woman on the roof after you fight father Gas a very strong hunter appears
That didn't happen for me....
You mean Henryk he appears after some time as a part of crow quest
I wonder if there's a lore connection between the music box and Mergo...I don't buy that it is just a coincidence.
Yeah it's definitely the same tune, it kinda sounds similar to the singing of the frenzy brain lady enemies too, maybe some kind of folklore/lullaby thing. No way it's a coincidence though no.
I keep hearing the music about yharnam now
I've started new game plus and the music box tune is playing
It could be a popular Yharnam lullaby.
It is the wet nurse has it playing wich I heard was the kids lullaby to not sure though the nurses sidestep glitch might actually be it remembering it so it becomes reluctant to hurt this is just a theory
That is to say if you fail to kill him in one life will it be used up after a certain number of uses?
^ She's dead
after the moon is blood red you will get no response from her. you should add that as a note. I cant get the music box



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I'm pretty sure she kills herself after finding out her parents are dead. Classic comedy
moosic moo moo moosic
Just something to note, the music box carries over to ng+ and you can receive a 2nd music box which will then be forever stuck in your storage is it can't be discarded, not game breaking but can be somewhat annoying
To the tiny box in description stay its unlimited so
What happens if you use this on Henryk?
She also has a sister who died in the sewers next to the pig
Ribbon, not brooch, sorry.
She doesn't kill herself, exactly. She leaves the house, probably to find her father as we never say he died, just her mother died. She is later found dead and you loot the Red Messenger Ribbon. Return some time later (I think after killing Rom) and you will meet her sister. Give her sister the ribbon and tell her of her little sister's death. As you walk away, you'll hear the older sister laugh madly at the look of the brooch wondering how it will look on her. Talk to her again and you'll hear maddening giggles and *****ed up dialogue about the ribbon.
The pig kills the first one I think
It can't break
As you know you can summon him with a beckoning bell before you fight the cleric beast. If you use the music box he laughs. I tried taking him to his daughter, but nothing happened :(
The cooperators Gascogne is him before he went insane... Before the beasts ruined his family
The cooperators Gascogne is him before he went insane... Before the beasts ruined his family
What does making the baby laugh do
Sorry for the double post
With him I mean Father Gascoigne.
This page should have the audio clip from the Music Box and provide a link if possible to audio of the Winter Lanterns' singing and the Wet Nurse theme.
I got it after defeating father gascoine...Lmao, he took long to kill for me
How can you get it after Gascoigne fight? The little girl just repeats the same line for me.
I'm wondering how Gascoigne and Mergo may be related. Not necessarily blood related, but there seems to be a connection of some kind. The music box says it "Plays a song shared by her mother and father." Referring to the Gascoigne and Viola. The song that they share is called Lullaby for Mergo in the soundtrack though and is the Wet Nurse theme. Why is Gascoigne and Viola's song Mergo's lullaby?