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By Anonymous
Very cool how if you’re not at 100% health he can one shot parry you
By Anonymous
Did it around my 10th try, all it was was down to patience. Don't get greedy because he WILL punish you. Got close to killing him a couple of times. You can try to bait him in by missing a attack and parrying him.
I also used a stake driver and I was able to get a regular R2 off before he got up after a visceral attack.
By Anonymous
Holy moonlight sword transforming attacks work very well, especially the transformed to untransformed ground slam. First time I ever beat this piece of **** without cheesing. My guiding L1 + 40 vigor
By Anonymous
I cheesed him mixing poison knives and the bleeding effect of his Chikage. If you're daring, you could try going for parries to speed up things.
By Anonymous
i think people still hate this guy to this day because he's the first to have the cainhurst/crowfeather fashion and now nobody else can wear it without being called a "cosplayer"
By Anonymous
40 vigor 31 End and 50 str with 9+ pizza cutter and the guy was gone, well not before he killed me like 10 times with some random ******* parry or spamming a gun until I ran out of stamina
By Anonymous
Virgin "Cuck" of Cainhurst Vs. Chad Powder Keg
By Anonymous
Hardest NPC in any Souls game ever, by far.
He was even more difficult than, like, 90% of the bosses.
By Anonymous
why would you give an npc the ability to parry, its just an instakill and you can barely react to it
By Anonymous
I mean that's not necessarily bad, the problem is just how much damn health this guy has. Moongrum from Elden Ring can do it as well but he's far less of an issue.
By Anonymous
Apparently in ng+ he goes from 3510 to 9000, over 2.5x. On top of that it he gets a special health and damage buff even with using the Chikage with 15 skill.

Very strange npc.
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