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if he had any other weapon then chikage, he would be more harder to kill,
By Anonymous
So how he has only one blood vial? Then how am I supposed to beat him I’m at level 150? I think
By Anonymous
By far the most annoying and unfair enemy in the whole game. Even if you're good at countering, it doesn't matter, because it may just so happen that he shoots you twice in a row and you're dead. At 30 vigor he ate up 2/3 of my health with a single bullet (!). Best strategy turned out to be to lure him to the stair where he is not in the open and fight him there. Altough still lethal, it limits the amount of chances he gets to use his pistol. If you're only after BoM you can always kill the Crow during the Oedon Tomb hunter fight, but I really suggest you swallow the bitter pill of fighting this twat, as he drops a really cool rune (it restores HP after vicerals).
By Anonymous
Really that just might work
By Anonymous
Your first problem is only having 30 vigor lol
By Anonymous
30 vig is garbage for PVP but for PVE it's pretty good in every situation except Bloody Crow. At least for NG.
By Anonymous
I used to think micolash was the sh*ttiest boss they could have whipped up, but boy did they prove me wrong
By Anonymous
Clearly you didn’t go through the chalice dungeons
By Anonymous
This mf could have soloed the game
By Anonymous
average Elden Ring PVPer
By Anonymous
It was a prophecy we were too blind to see
By Anonymous
It'd be an actually good fight if his bullets didn't do half your health
By Anonymous
The only enemy I absolutely HATE in Bloodborne. Ridiculously cheap and input reads like **** when its health is low.

Every From game has one or two cheap enemies. This one is the worst I've seen in any of them.
By Anonymous
"Hey, you know what we should add? A hostile hunter with tons of ****ing power ups, players will love it"
I always hated Hunter NPCs but THIS ONE in particular can eat **** and die.
By Anonymous
Bloodborne NPCs be like i got infinite ammo and a trigger finger
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