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Literally harder than 90% of the bosses in the game
*in all games that ever existed
so this npc (which i called boss in a freudian slip) is one of the main examples of how NPC hunters are *****ing broken in this game, you're fighting another hunter but they: -have as much as 4 to 5 times more health than you -deal four times your damage or more ( his firearm spamming is pure bull*****since it deals like 400-500dmg) - have infinite bullets, this *****er for example will spam the old hunter bone (that costs 4 bullets) 4 or 5 times in a row if you stand far and just watch (lore-wise this could be interpreted as he actually has the skill like lady maria)
It's almost like he's supposed to be hard... he's not "broken" at all. He's designed to be challenge. If he's too tough for you, then you're too weak.
I Wasn't weak and late-game gets you pretty op, yet this *****er was killing me with spammed pistol bullets There's a difference between an enemy actually being challenging (like a boss with a large moveset and phases) and an enemy being op/ artificially difficult, this is a case of the latter. He might be a ''challenge'' but it's a dumb and unfair one, it doesn't teach you anything it's just a generic quest objective, if you find pleasure in beating generic NPC's with gigantic health pool and damage then you should try skyrim
constantly dashing around him to the right and thrusting into overhead slam with the hunter axe 2-handed worked for me.
Is a piece of cake with saw spear or cleaver when using the L1 normal to transformation attack after a roll. You can get a few hits in with L1 after roll, then L1 again then spam one to two normal R1 attacks. Don't get greedy and try to stunlock him, he will parry and instant kill you.
Reading the strategies I was really surprised that pretty much all of them are cheeses. Then I read the comments and knew why: people suck at this game. First try I held out long enough because his melee pattern is simple, but got killed by two back to back gun shots. Second time I knew this could happen, so I dodged more carefully and took him down in a good old 1v1. Seriously people, git gud.
i've beaten this game 13 times and i still die to this piece of***** just because he's broken, of course, i've got better over time but this git gud***** just pisses me off
Okay, not trying to be an *** but...... YEAH. I'm an average player, I'm definitely not great, but after some trial and error I just memorized his moveset, learned to parry him, and with patience was able to beat him. I actually really enjoy this fight and the challenge it brings. I really don't understand why so many players can't kill this guy. Wait, that's not right- I just can't understand why so many people are COMPLAINING. You guys are going up against transcendent alien monsters and creatures who flail at you with their bloody skin folds flapping in the wind, yet THIS enemy is "unfair/bull*****broken"??? I take back my comment about not being an ass- some of the people in this community are absolute babies.
It pisses you off because you're not gitting gud. I'm not a good player and I've had to rely on my grinding/farming habits to get past a lot of hurdles in this game. This fight was *****ING HARD and it frustrated me to no end, but it's not broken by any means. I died like 9 times before I got (slightly) gud and rekt his ***. It's only a matter of accustoming yourself to it's patterns and stuff, and boy does it feel good when you finally make him bite the curb. It's what souls games are about.
Well fellas, we found the "Git gud" tard.
Actually harder than German or Moon Presence combined...
The most poorly designed NPC in this game by far
So, he's poorly designed because you can't R1 him to death?
So not going to say this guy is broken because dueling with maxed out vials and bullets is doable. The only thing that digs at me is the combo of last minute healing followed up with his insane gun damage. I got him down to 10 hp twice for him to pull that hail Mary move to kill me. I could definitely get Gud but just find it irritating when rng jesus blows up 3/4 health bar with a pistol.
With vitality around 25 and the knight set you can tank those better. I managed to take two shots without dying.
Someone was disliking almost every comment, I wonder if it is because that person doesn't like how people get past this part of the quest.
It's the bloody crow fan club, angry that people are finding ways to deal with chikage and gun spam
Take him to the steps. it is a bit cheesy but if you start to walk for the door he backpedals. Rush up on him and get a three hit combo. Then you can run back.
cringe. kill her fairly i didnt even know who the person was or if they had a name until just now and i killed him, get good