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I notice the Strategies are just cheesing methods. Even the “Standard Strategy” only covers his abilities and is basically “don’t get hit and heal a lot”...and then gives cheese followed by dedicated cheese strategies.
i absolutely recommend just using poison knives against this guy. every time i've done it he's only healed once and each poison proc does 605 damage so you need 15-18 knives for 5-6 procs, which are easy to pick up just in random places in the world. this does not feel at all like a rewarding fight. it would be a straight up hunter 1v1 except that he can at any time randomly oneshot you with his gun that has infinite ammo and hyper armor on the draw frames. complete waste of time tbh.
I had a lot of luck pulling him with Evylen or knives, hitting him with numbing mist for good measure, and something him with the Beast Cutter.
It says the glitch that gets him stuck in the door is patched but that's how I did it, he got stuck then I just stake driver'd him till he kicked the bucket, couldn't do it again on my second play through though. You need to keep his attention on you, I did this by hitting him a couple times, allowing him a single strike with the transformed chikage then ran off, he should keep following but its a 50/50 chance he'll give up if you get too much distance between you and him.
Sorry, I don't speak Dash L2 Dash L2 dash L2 dash L2 dash L2 dash L2
*points to headband* infinite ammo
They neglected to mention the got gud strategy of defeating him.
yeah that one works really well, interesting that a lot of people seem to not employ that strategy
"Git gud!!!!!!" Am I funny, original and good at the game yet???????
Cheapest fight in the entire soulsborne series. I beat him legit once in my life and never again. From now in its the poison knife strategy. He parries you once you're dead, you parry him 5 times he'll still have health remaining and even a blood vial to boot. Just a very poorly designed enemy.
Hes not necessarily "poorly" designed as most people complain he is. He's meant to be that hard. Poor design is a boss or enemy that just goes nothing but spam repeatedly. Like*****olash
So it's not that he's actually cheap like you're pretending he is, it's just that he has a lot of health, does a lot of damage, and can heal. Almost like he's a late game hunter in a game called Bloodborne.
If you're worried about dying after being parried once, here's a tip for you: Don't. Let. Him. Parry. You. Aka. Git gud.
The Bloody Hacker of Cainhurst. His HP is too massive for an NPC, the unlimited bullets is cheap, and he's a parry god with the 3 Clawmark Runes on. 1 parry, and you're dead just like that. He's actually the hardest boss in FromSoftware, as he's the only one to make certain players give up on life entirely.
Git gud
Or grind. Levels don't matter that much in souls games, but I only died like 9 times to him and I'm not particularly good (I was high level, way past 100; can't remember exactly).
Try parrying him and use numbing mist to prevent him from healing, just stay calm and wait for him to make the move. Don't quick attack and stay patient..