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By Anonymous
Only wearing the cape will give u a nice superhero feel without looking feminine.
By Anonymous
I don't know that the neck piece COMPLETELY ruins it. I feel like if you want to be classy, combining the chest piece with some boots and a tricorn hat can create a foppish musketeer look. You'll still have to overlook the corset though, if you're rocking a male character.
By Anonymous
The necklace and bodice kinda ruin that.
By Anonymous
Looks dashing with the hunter hat
By Anonymous
Has anybody worn this armor set to the fight with German? I was wondering if it had anything to do with him since the doll is in his workshop and his dream.
By Anonymous
I was wondering the same thing, did anyone test it?
By Anonymous
Tested it out... No difference.
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By kroger
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I haven't tried it but I don't think that'd work since the text before his fight is fixed to the cutscene
By Anonymous
I was feeling a bit low, so decided to browse the wiki, that picture got me laughing xD he looks so happy too! I hope he doesn't get replaced :P
By Anonymous
What picture? WHAT PICTURE!?
By Anonymous
That picture of the hunter is going to give me nightmares.
By Anonymous
This picture is most likely the best picture on this entire wiki.
By Anonymous
He's looks happy?
By Anonymous
Obviously the new Meta.
By Anonymous
That pic is nightmare fuel
By Anonymous
so kawaii
By Anonymous
#15834853 gawd
By Anonymous
You're not allowed to change the picture in this article
By Anonymous
For some reason I can't wear the set, I can't figure out why?
By Drstrangewolf
Aside from the Abomination this photo is, doll set description is from Pinocchio since Mister Geppetto from the "kid friendly" version puts great effort and care to replicate the image of a child and puts love into his craftsmanship.
By ublug
There should be no restrictions for equipping the doll set.
By Anonymous
What a beautiful lady
By Anonymous