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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

The fact that items used with hands are grouped into "Weapons" and "Shields", rather than "Trick Weapons" and "Side arms" makes this site look bad. The continued use of future tense ("will") after the game's release is also silly.



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The category never existed, it just hadn't been updated on this page. It's fixed now
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Does the way people just *****in complaaain ever make you wonder why you even bother? They act without a filter because their monitor screen is their shield. Just saying, there's a courteous way to bring the admin's attention to a harmless oversight; you don't have to spew venom like some gross nerd. Perspective, dude.
there arent really "boss weapons" either.. cause badges and whatnot.



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I think this site always made using the dark souls wiki format
Hun, there are two shields in the game, and sidearms by definition are weapons
WTF too do with mad man
Use anytime to gain insight
Use anytime to gain insight
Ohh daaang
Does anyone know of gem p bidi arcane? Thank you man...
Shut up